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Highly recommended! I spent hours trying to find a solution to my issue by editing code. With easy edits I literally had it done in 5 minutes! Thank you for your help

Huracan Fabrication
6个月 人在使用应用
Perception Apps已回复 2022年12月20日

Thank you so much for taking the time to review! We're glad you found the app and were able to make the edits you needed. Let us know if you need any help in the future and please reach out if you ever have any feedback. Thank you again and enjoy the app!


I’ve only been able to really use this app for a day now, however I already love it! I don’t know how many things I asked questions in the Shopify community center about changes I can now make myself! I 1000% recommend this app as it will save you so much time!

3个月 人在使用应用
Perception Apps已回复 2022年12月21日

We're so glad you found the app and that it could all put some of that editing power back in your hands! Hopefully, it continues to alleviate some of that developer workload. Don't hesitate to reach out with any feedback at all, and enjoy the app!


Sometimes you just need to push live a CSS edit that isn't worth hiring a developer to knock out. This is where Easy Edits comes into play. What I love about the tool - it WORKS. It's simple. It's low friction. It's also new - the developer (Michael) has taken my feedback and implemented ideas. On my side this is awesome - the tool has made my life easier. I highly recommend others to try this tool out. It does what it says, it's built to knock out CSS edits. I'm happy I found this tool!

Skydio Inc.
3个月 人在使用应用
Perception Apps已回复 2022年11月29日

Thank you so much for taking the time to review the app! Your feedback has sincerely been priceless, and we're excited to keep updating the app based on your suggestions and needs. Hopefully, it continues to help out with all those small edits on the site!


This app helps to change my storefront, pages, and product pages effortlessly. I'm so happy to have found easy edits. The support for the app is excellent. I'd highly recommend using this app for your design needs.

thursday books
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Perception Apps已回复 2022年11月29日

Thank you so much for taking the time to review and communicate, we're super glad you found Easy Edits! Please reach out with any other feedback you have since we're always looking to improve and match your needs!