Easy Pixel

Easily add pixels to track conversions from various platforms

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Acerca de Easy Pixel

Easy Pixel allows you to easily install page views on your store and Order Conversions tracking pixels from Shopify's checkout with no additional code, in just one-click.

Easy Pixel currently support the following platforms:

  • Facebook (multi-pixel)
  • Facebook Conversions API (Server-side against ad-blockers and browser restrictions)
  • Google Tag Manager (GTM-XXX)
  • Google Analytics Tracking (UA-XXX)
  • Google Ads conversion (AW-XXX)
  • Google Ads "Purchase" Conversion Label
  • Twitter Pixel
  • Microsoft/Bing UET tag tracking
  • Pinterest tracking
  • Snapchat tracking
  • Lucky Orange (Heatmap)
  • Hotjar Site (Heatmap)
  • ... and more? submit your request!

Why should I install pixels on my store?

Pixels are a powerful tool to bring the most valuable customers to your store, boost your revenue by targeting alike audiences, understand your website's performance.

Simple One Click Installation

Easily add any tracking pixels on your store in just one-click, no coding, no liquid.

Clean App, no theme file changes

Easy Pixel is fully and automatically deleted when you uninstall the app. It does not make changes to liquid theme files to avoid conflict of any kind, it is clean and leaves no traces.

Tracking Purchases

Easy Pixel automatically adds the order details such as value, currency, hashed customer email... out of the box.

Pixels From Multiple Sources

You may use any combination of pixels from our list out of the box. Need anything else? Don't worry, we'll add it for you! Just let us know if you are missing any platform and would like it added and we'll add it to the list.

Build Your Target Audiences

Thanks to your pixels tracking customers you can retarget and refine your audience in order to boost and recover any potential lost sales!

Theme Compatibility

Easy Pixel tracker works with all themes.

Plan Compatibility

Easy Pixel tracker works with all Plans.

Post Purchase Upsell Compatibility

Easy Pixel works with all Post Purchase Upsell in native Shopify Checkout such as 'After Checkout Upsell ACU'.


Easy Pixel should be extremely easy to use, should you need further support or to request new additions, feel free to contact us via in-app messaging or email.

Se integra con

  • Purchase,
  • Page View,
  • Order Value,
  • remarketing,
  • After Checkout Upsel,
  • Post Purchase Upsell

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  • Política de privacidad
  • pixel@yupana-engineering.com

Precio 14 días de prueba gratis

Monthly Plan


  • Order Conversion Pixel Tracking with customer details
  • Page View Pixel Tracking
  • Customer Support
  • Request additional scripts
  • No hidden costs

* Todos los cargos se facturan en USD.
** Los cargos recurrentes, incluidos los costos mensuales o los cargos basados en el uso, se facturan cada 30 días.

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