Quantity Breaks & Discounts

Quantity Breaks & Discounts

Thrust Apps

Advanced Quantity Breaks, Tiered Pricing and Volume Discounts.

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Advanced quantity breaks

Encourage your customers to buy more with flexible tiered pricing and volume based discounts.

Easy volume discounts

Increase your AOV (average order value) and revenue with volume discounts by incentivizing customers to buy more.

Fast & easy setup

Super simple dashboard design to start right away. Create and launch your first campaign in minutes.

Quantity Breaks & Discounts 정보

Increase average order value with Quantity Breaks and sell more.

Encourage your customers to buy more by offering tiered discounted pricing for bulk orders. This popular sales strategy will help you increase your sales and revenue without increasing your ad budget. With Quantity Breaks app by Thrust, customers can unlock discounts when they order more units of products. For example, order 3 & get a 15% discount.

How does it work?

Create multiple tiered pricing based on the quantity of the product purchased and reward your customers with discounts when they order in bulk. You can offer both fixed and percentage-based discounts with our app.

What are the key features?

  • Single click add to cart button.
  • Our app inherits design from your storefront to blend in perfectly.
  • Unlimited tiered pricing, quantity breaks, quantity discounts, and volume discounts.
  • Supports both fixed and percentage discounts.
  • Compatible with all inventory apps.
  • No coding required.

Is it mobile friendly?

Designed and developed with all devices in mind, Quantity Breaks app works perfectly on all mobile devices as well as on desktop at any screen size.

Why do I need this app?

Increasing average order value is a great way to scale up your business without increasing the budget for acquiring new customers. Thrust Quantity Breaks app helps you better monetize your existing customer base and dramatically increase average order volume.

Ready to start?

Thrust Quantity Breaks app is free for 14 days. Take advantage of our free trial now and start lean. Once the trial is over, your monthly app fee will be a fragment compared to the extra revenue generated by Thrust Quantity Breaks.

Do I get customer support?

Of course, we offer free customer support 24x7. Just email us, and we will help you out with any issue related to our app.

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  • 14 days free trial
  • Unlimited usage
  • Onboarding support
  • 24x7 customer support

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가장 최근 리뷰

Nequis Store

The support team is great! needed to do a quick custom modification and they went above and beyond! the app itself is great too! works like a charm!

Zaksy.com | Premium Sportswear & Accessories

The app works exactly as advertised, and it's easy to use.

It automatically creates and applies a discount code for any specific quantity of any product you choose (for example, buy 2 get 15% discount, buy 3 get 20% discount, and so on) and places the code to the right place on your product page. So no need to manually add any code snippets, which is great.

The design (colors and fonts) is automatically inherited from your theme, so it doesn't look out of place, which is also great.

So yeah, I'd recommend this particular Quantity Breaks app.

The Brand iLux

I downloaded this app because the widget is eye catching, without being too "busy". They have a lot of built in features and customizable options, but sadly it didn't work. When it was tested, it performed flawlessly, but when it was live, it simply didn't work.