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Easy Rates Japan Post

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Provide Japan Post Rates

Easily display all available rates and methods simply by installing Easy Rates Japan Post.

Customize Methods

Add or remove shipping methods to accurately display available shipping options as needed.

Add Flat Fee or Percentage

Add an additional handling fee to the base shipping rate by adding a flat and/or percentage fee.

Om Easy Rates Japan Post

Provide Japan Post Shipping Rates

Don't waste hours adding hundreds of shipping rates manually, when you can do it in seconds. Easily display all available rates and methods simply by installing Easy Rates Japan Post.

Customize Methods

Add or remove shipping methods to accurately display available shipping methods as needed. Don't worry any longer about overpaying for inaccurate shipping fees.

Check out our Easy Label app to easily create shipping labels for Japan Post shipments.


Shipping rates are only available for merchants shipping from Japan to international customers. EasyRates Japan Post also requires real-time carrier shipping with Shopify. If you are interested in using EasyRates on another plan, please contact us.

About Lunaris

Lunaris is one the first Shopify app development partners based in Japan. After gathering years of experience as a Shopify merchant, Lunaris set out to create great new apps that can help other merchants run their businesses more efficiently. For further inquiries or suggestions, feel free to contact us.


数多くの配送料を手動でストアに設定する時代は終わりました。Easy Rates Japan Postをインストールして、一瞬で配送料を設定しましょう。すべての使用可能な配送料金と配送方法が簡単に表示されます。


配送方法を追加・削除して、必要な配送方法を正確に表示させましょう。誤った配送料でお客様から余分な配送料を徴収する心配はいりません。 私たちの というアプリを使えば、簡単に日本郵便のラベルを作成できます。2つのアプリを組み合わせて、よりスムーズに配送作業を完了させましょう。


配送料は日本から海外へ商品を発送するマーチャント様のみのご利用となります。また、Easy Rates Japan Postをお使いいただくにはShopifyを通しての発送が必要となります。もし、Easy Ratesの他のプランに興味がございましたら、ご遠慮なくお問い合わせください。



  • 日本郵便の配送料金をお客様へ簡単表示
  • あなたのストアにフィットする配送方法を選択
  • 7日間の無料トライアル



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  • team@lunaris.jp

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Seneste anmeldelser

Nippon e Magia

The app is out of date, JP Post rates have increased in value and the app has not. Please update rates with JP Post.

Udviklerens svar

16. april 2021

We're really sorry to hear about your concerns.

If you're referring to the Apr 1st rate increase with JP Post, EasyRates has been updated to reflect the newest rates so this information should be upーtoーdate.

We have reached out to you directly via email as well, but haven't heard back from you yet. If you believe anything is unusual about the pricing, please get in touch with us and we will make sure to take care of any issues.

Japanese Green Tea Shops

App works as described to easily add shipping rates from Japan using actual shipping rates from JP Post. Useful option of excluding certain countries if you do not want to provide service to those selected countries. Updated as shipping service service becomes available to countries which have restrictions in place due to the coronavirus situation.

Saves hours inputting shipping rates manually.

Automatically updates for countries which have restrictions due to coronavirus situation.

Can "block" shipping options to countries you do not want to provide service to.

Can set different weights for different sized boxes. (beta)

Developer is responsive and works hard to resolve any issues quickly. (special thanks to Fabian)

Have to monitor JP Post website to see when countries lift restrictions (due to coronavirus) and shipping resumes, as they are automatically added to your available shipping options.

NOTE: Asked developer if "Easy Rates Japan Post" users could be notified (by newsletter or email) when countries (with restrictions due to coronavirus could resume shipping) were "automatically" added to the list of countries where customers could place orders.

Udviklerens svar

2. juli 2020


I am going to update this reply since the issue you were referring to has been resolved (and is not in the review anymore.)

As always, thank you for using our app and keep us updated about your experience, we really appreciate your feedback.


I really like this app. Support is really good too! With this app, I don't need to worry about the rates anymore and if that shipping method is available or not each country. It is always updated especially with shipping suspensions lately due to corona virus. I just hope they also support domestic shipping.