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Easy Sale Creator by Ecom Store Apps

Easy Sale Creator by Ecom Store Apps

Developed by Ecom Store Apps

Price: Custom Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Create sales of any size
  • Save time by adding bulk products via tags, types, and vendors
  • No more manually discounting prices

Please allow us to explain the app's negative review. There was a bug that was causing current sales from being stopped as they would become invisible in the dashboard. Our team quickly discovered the cause and worked hard to not only fix the issue but performed many tests to ensure similar instances will not happen in the future.


Shoppers love sales and finding great deals. This app gives them both!

  • No-code install

  • Add products in bulk

  • Create continuous-running sales

  • Create sales that start immediately or in the future

  • Have multiple sales running simultaneously
  • No-code Install

    Upon installation, the app will seamlessly add all required code into your store!

    Add Products in Bulk

    No more manually discounting products! Now you can add products to be discounted based on tags, vendors, and product types.

    Flexible Sale Options

    There are three types of sales you can create:

  • Sales that start immediately

  • Sales that start at a future date/time

  • Sales that run continuously - they don't end until you stop them
  • Additional Features

  • Compare at Price - When a sale starts, the original pre-sale price will be automatically moved the to "Compare at Price" box in the product edit page. This will create a strikethrough in the price on the live product page so your shoppers will easily know it's on sale! After your sale is over, the original pre-sale price will then be automatically moved to the "Price" box in the product edit page.
  • Nearest Cents Rounding - You have the option to rounding all of the discounted prices to a certain cent amount. For example, if the sale price ends up being $58.49 and you have this setting configured at .88, the new sale price will be $58.88.
  • How Does It Work?
    Upon installing Easy Sale Creator, you can instantly start creating sales for any product(s). There is no code required! You will have many options available to create the perfect sale. Once a sale starts, the selected products will show on the product pages as having a sale price. Once the sale is over, the price on the product page will revert back to the original price. During the setup of a sale, you can also choose to show a countdown timer. This timer can be edited to match the color-scheme of your store.

    -To Install: Click "Get" in the app store page and approve the charges. The app will instantly be installed in your store and no additional code is required!

    -To Uninstall: No longer need the app? Simply uninstall by deleting it from the app page in the Shopify Admin.

    About Us
    Ecom Store Apps dedicates itself to creating useful apps that help bring additional value to your store. Not only do we want to help your shoppers, but we want to help you, the merchant, be able to add apps to your store that are easy to understand yet complex enough to add additional features that help produce sales. Once we create an app, we are never done with it! Not only do we respond to support tickets and coding help, but we are always looking for ways to make our apps better. One of the ways we do that is by listening to the merchants that have our apps installed. We work hard to give your store a little something extra so you can focus on running your business.


  • 8/6/2018: Bug Fixes
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    Once you create the sale and then want to go back and change anything, you can't. You check your dashboard and there is nothing there. You can't change anything, even to stop the sale. NOTHING!

    I then deleted the app, and all the sale prices were still there. I even saved my theme prior to installing, and it's in ALL of my previous saved themes. The Shopify Guru couldn't help me at all and told me to just manually change back all the pricing and no one from the app has responded to my email.


    Easy Sale Creator is free to install and use. You will only be charged for the number of sales (not dollar amount) you make while your products are discounted using the app, during a Shopify billing cycle. *Note: You will not be charged for a discounted product if the product was not discounted using this app (ie: you manually discount a product). Below is the pricing structure:

    1-50 sales: $5.00
    51-100 sales: $10.00
    101-250 sales: $15.00
    251+ sales: $25.00

    7 days


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