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Data de edição: 24 de junho de 2021

Terrible app, terrible customer service, and the obligation to pay for an "upgrade" just to remove the app and revert your original prices is THEFT. Your response to my 1 star review makes no sense to my complaints. Shop owners beware - do not try this app.

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Aperitive deixou uma resposta 24 de junho de 2021

It's completely possible to revert your prices without upgrading the app.
Simply select the 'Update price using Compare at price and empty
Compare at Price' option.

Our app is free to try so you can be sure of how it works before upgrading.

Our app leaves no code applied to your store as it directly edits your product prices.

You can use our app to revert your prices or one can manually do it in Shopify by editing the products.

We are happy to help and try to respond within a few hours but sometimes it can take a bit longer.

It's extremely important to plan and understand how the app works before adjusting prices. It's an incredibly sensitive part of a business so we recommend to all customers that you test and plan your price adjustment method before using the app.

We recommend practising on a few products, updating prices and reverting back to their original prices. It's important to be sure of your method.

We have a very easy rollback feature on the pro plan that enables one to roll back prices with a click of a button.

We have emailed you and are happy to help you revert your prices.

Our app is used and loved by hundreds of stores as it helps them quickly apply discounts and revert their prices.

Please get in touch so we can help you asap.

Data de edição: 16 de março de 2020

Several times when we have tried to use the app to increase or decrease prices the input field for the price change simply does not display. So, you can select the products you want to change, but it doesn't let you input by how much you want to change it - it's simply missing. It's a bug because we know it should be there based on using it in the past, but it has now been a few times where it just doesn't show up. We emailed them for help trying to figure it out and never heard back. It later got fixed, but is now happening again. We emailed them, but have little hope we'll hear back based on the past.

The 50% of the time when it works it works great, but it's buggy and support seems to be non-existent, so if you are looking for an app that you can actually rely on when you want to make a change we would NOT recommend this. I wish we could upload a screenshot to show you all what happens, but these reviews won't let us. Good concept, but poor execution that you can't rely on and no support to fix the issues when you need to use it.

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Aperitive deixou uma resposta 16 de março de 2020

Hi. For those who are interested in our app the app is now fully functional as we deployed a fix swiftly for the missing field.

We offer live chat and email support in case you have questions or need support. We try and answer all queries as fast as possible and offer a FREE TRIAL to be certain it works for you.

As seen in other reviews, our app is useful and will help update prices in bulk, saving you time.

Yes we had a temporary glitch where a field was missing. This is now resolved. We did receive an email from you and we responded within 2 hours but unfortunately this did not meet your expectations. We usually have a live chat on the app, this is now active again. We do feel it's a little harsh to leave a 1 star review when you had successfully used the app before. Clearly it was a bug, we are human after all...

13 de julho de 2020

Worst app ever!! Never but from them ! They told 50 variants are free then they charge you 8 dollars without you knowing!!!

3 dias usando o app
Aperitive deixou uma resposta 13 de julho de 2020

Hi. We clearly state we offer a free trial of 50 variants and then you will be moved to the basic plan of $7.99. I am sorry you missed that.

The app works and we have hundreds of users using it without problems. Always test it with 1 or 2 products to be sure of your method,. These are price updates so extra care needs to be taken.

If you have any issue or need help do contact support through our live chat or email support@aperitive.io and we will happily help or answer your questions.

Unfortunately, you defaulted to a negative review without contacting us.

The app works and anyone can test it without being charged for up to 50 variants being updated. Test it with 5 and you will not be charged.

All the best.

9 de outubro de 2019

Don't use it! It changed half of my prices then quit working and it wants me to pay to upgrade to roll back the mess this thing made! No support it's been over 12 hours with HALF of my prices changed!

Apparel Garden
Estados Unidos
1 dia usando o app
Aperitive deixou uma resposta 9 de outubro de 2019

Hi. We did try to help but it's not clear what you did which messed things up? You didn't give us a chance to look into what you had done. Other merchants have successfully used our app without issue. Please get back in contact if you need assistance.

16 de março de 2022

We pay $9 for an App that is very slow and stops every time.
We do not recommend it.
Let's find another better option.

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Aproximadamente 6 horas usando o app
Aperitive deixou uma resposta 17 de março de 2022

Sorry for issue you faced. If you had reach out to support we could have guided you on a zoom call. We would be happy to provide a refund in any case. If you could reach out to support@aperitive.io I would be glad to assist with this.

Data de edição: 9 de setembro de 2020

does not work!!!! i tried several times but there is nothing. i choose only 10 items for discount but the discount is not applied and they charge me 7.99!!!! they state that 50 items discount is free but they lie!!! they charge any way without your confirmation! be away! don't buy!!! it's total scam!!!!

Stones Energy
10 minutos usando o app
Aperitive deixou uma resposta 12 de setembro de 2020

Hi, it's a bit harsh to leave such a negative review when the app works perfectly.

Happy to help you use the app correctly and would even offer a phone call to take you through it.

Firstly you did successfully discount your products by $50. Not sure if you meant to put a percentage in which case you should put 50%

Always test with 2-3 products if your are not sure what you are doing. Playing with pricing is very sensitive to errors so you must know what you are doing.

In your trial you get 50 free variants. Before installing the app you must accept the billing of 7.99 for updating 50 variants. You read and accepted this to install the app.
We also clearly explain the pricing on the app listing page.

You were free to try the app with a few products to stay within 50 variants free trial but you selected 50 to update the first time. I would recommend selecting only 2-3 to try the app.

The app does work, it's not a scam, 100's of stores successfully use it. You didn't reach out for support or live chat.

Looking forward to hearing from you.