Bulk Price Editor & Discounts

Bulk Price Editor & Discounts

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Price Discounts. Sale Prices- Discount Sale Scheduler.

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Fast bulk price editor

Easy to bulk edit your product pricing. Apply discounts quickly to PRICE and COMPARE AT PRICE fields.

Edit pricing in one place

Get an overview of all your pricing for efficient and effective discounts and repricing.

Specific discount price edits

Built in filters such as Collections, types and vendor allow for targeted discounts and price updates.

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New features

Discount scheduling - Schedule One time, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly recurring price updates with automatic rollback.

Simplified discount option - Achieve a sale price in one step.

Update prices based on Cost Price - Be in control of your Margins and Profits.

Price rounding - round your prices to the nearest decimal or whole number.

Discount or update your product prices with our Bulk Price Editor App

Discount PRICE by percentage e.g -10% or -20% Discount specific products in a collection using the collection filter. Apply a discount to only products of a certain type or vendor.

After your sale campaign is complete you can rollback your product prices to their previous price (Pro Plan only) or make the opposite price adjustment.

Quick product price edits

Smart Bulk Price Editor is a fast solution to editing 'Price' and 'Compare at price' in BULK for your Shopify store.

Perform bulk price edits for discount management such as:

  • Percentage increase +10%
  • Percentage decrease -10% (Good for product sale campaigns.)
  • Increase by value +10
  • Decrease by value -10
  • Set price to $99
  • Set Compare at price to $99
  • Update Price with Compare at price
  • Update Compare at price with Price

Apply the above bulk price edits to Compare at price and Price at the same time.

Feature Overview

  • Easy bulk price edits and discounts
  • Apply quick percentage increase or decrease to price fields
  • Product search
  • Filter by Collection, Vendor and Type for targeted bulk price editing
  • Apply targeted discounts and price edits to products in specific collections

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  • Apply updates to the first 50 variants for Free.


$7.99 par mois

  • Unlimited price updates.


$14.99 par mois

  • Unlimited price updates
  • Price History and Rollback
  • Scheduling

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** Les frais récurrents, y compris les frais mensuels ou les frais d'utilisation, sont facturés tous les 30 jours.

4.2 de 5 étoiles

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Terrible app, terrible customer service, and the obligation to pay for an "upgrade" just to remove the app and revert your original prices is THEFT. Your response to my 1 star review makes no sense to my complaints. Shop owners beware - do not try this app.

Réponse du développeur

24 juin 2021

It's completely possible to revert your prices without upgrading the app.
Simply select the 'Update price using Compare at price and empty
Compare at Price' option.

Our app is free to try so you can be sure of how it works before upgrading.

Our app leaves no code applied to your store as it directly edits your product prices.

You can use our app to revert your prices or one can manually do it in Shopify by editing the products.

We are happy to help and try to respond within a few hours but sometimes it can take a bit longer.

It's extremely important to plan and understand how the app works before adjusting prices. It's an incredibly sensitive part of a business so we recommend to all customers that you test and plan your price adjustment method before using the app.

We recommend practising on a few products, updating prices and reverting back to their original prices. It's important to be sure of your method.

We have a very easy rollback feature on the pro plan that enables one to roll back prices with a click of a button.

We have emailed you and are happy to help you revert your prices.

Our app is used and loved by hundreds of stores as it helps them quickly apply discounts and revert their prices.

Please get in touch so we can help you asap.


I've been looking for an app to do few things simultaneously during a sale. Choose a collection, update both price and compare at prices at the same time, and schedule sales for a certain timeframe. This is the ONLY app that did it for me and i must point out the installation was so easy and straightforward. It does what is supposed to do. The next best thing is the very reasonable pricing. Thanks Team. i would have given 10 stars if i can.

Forlife Led Aydınlatma

Great and quick support team Thanks Rob Thanks Aperetive for this great app. It helps a lot our shop to change our prices every week. When we have problem, we know support team always there.