Easy SMS Cart Recovery

Easy SMS Cart Recovery

開發者:Axel Hardy

Recover abandoned carts with a customized SMS automatically


Boost your Sales

Boost your sales by automatically recovering abandoned carts with an intelligent SMS sent to your customers!

Personalized Experience

Send customized SMS based on your customers informations to make a trustworthy experience for them.

Easy to Use

Our app is incredibly easy to use. Just configure your sending scenario and you are good to go. Everything is automatic!

有關 Easy SMS Cart Recovery

Recovering abandoned carts has never been easier

We have built a clever algorithm to make the process easy to set up for you. Just create a scenario with your text message and the delay you want before sending a SMS and you are done!

How does it work?

  1. Create your sending scenario Write the text message you want to send to your customers when they abandoned their carts. You can customize the SMS with your customer's names, your shop name or checkout URL. Enter the delay before we send the SMS (after your customer has abandoned his cart) and that's it!

  2. Track the SMS sent In the app dashboard, you can track in realtime the SMS sent along with their deliverability.

  3. You're done! It's simple as that! Now you will be able to increase your ROI and sales with a fully automatic process by recovering abandoned cart with customizable SMS!



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Free Plan


  • 10 Credits (SMS) to test the app

  • Customizable SMS

  • Track SMS and deliverability

50 SMS per Month

每月 $9

  • 50 Credits (SMS) per month

  • Customizable SMS

  • Track SMS and deliverability

200 SMS per Month

每月 $29

  • 200 Credits (SMS)

  • Customizable SMS

  • Track SMS and deliverability

500 SMS per Month

每月 $59

  • 500 Credits (SMS)

  • Customizable SMS

  • Track SMS and deliverability

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