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17. duben 2020

Great app! Super powerful and fast working at an amazing price. I needed some assistance and support was incredibly helpful.

Static Jewellery
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30. říjen 2020

Excelent app, it allowed me to evenly distribute orders to customer support. No other app allowed me to do that. Thanks for the great support, really helped.

PTC Auto
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Datum úprav: 25. červen 2020

This is the app every Shopify user need , good price and awesome support . you gone love it! Thank's for this awesome work

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Vývojář DevCloud LLC odpověděl 13. červenec 2020

It's great to know that you found the app useful!

Datum úprav: 15. červen 2020

Great support! Very easy to use. The app unlocks a tonne of order data that can be used to create tags that we then later use for automations. Really good value in my opinion. One of the things I love most is the ability to tag orders that come from a specific landing page or with specific UTM parameters.

To'ak Chocolate
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Datum úprav: 15. prosinec 2020

Customer service is fast and helpful! We've been using this app to tag our orders based on criteria which has helped our logistics tremendously. Thanks!

Real Food Kitchen
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Datum úprav: 22. květen 2022

Update 22.05.2022: After using this app now for more than a year, it is STILL one of my favourite apps. We have even moved from Basic to Plus in that time, we have access to Shopify Flow, and I still depend on this magnificent app for a lot of the automation I do.

It really is the heart of my automations. We have synched most of our Shopify data to Airtable, and the tagging logic I have set up with Easy Tagging allows me to make filtered views of practically anything, at any time.

For instance, we now have a real-time view of all our unfulfilled backorders and preorders we might need to follow up or order for. We have a tagging setup for Shipping methods that allows us to track changes in our shipping rules, just to mention a few.

If you want to scale up your business fast, you need an app like this. We are only a team of 4, and have managed to get more than 70 000 customers in less than 3 years. Much thanks to my automations freeing up time otherwise spent on backoffice and administrative tasks.

Do not underestimate what you can do with this app.


This app is incredible value for money. It's both the most affordable and flexible I have found, and even the customer service is outstanding. I emailed them about a very specific thing I wanted to do, but might not be possible I thought. And in a matter of hours, they added the functionality and set ut up for me, paused, so I could look it over first (unlike most Shopify apps that activates on install)

The vast amount of new possibilities this app gives you, is simply astonishing. For example: We are now able to tag orders made outside of our warehouse shipping hours (08-19 all weekdays), and tag them automatically. We can then send an offer to add products to their order before the warehouse opens again.

We can also:
*Tag payment processor on all orders for potential troubleshooting
*Tag orders with preordered products to send an email with info
*Tag customers who buy for more than x, or more than y times, to automatically add a little gift to their orders
*Tag products that was recently added (to create a "New arrivals" collection that updates itself
*Tag all products lacking various data, has too short descriptions and so on
*And A LOT more!

This will both save us a lot of time and money, as well as we will increase our revenues with the new segmenting we can set up.

Highly recommended. Especially if you like automating.

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4. listopad 2020

Great tagging automation app, it really simplified how we process orders with many different types of shipping and payment options. Definitely recommend!

VERMI by Dara
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Datum úprav: 13. září 2020

I'm giving 5 stars because I'm anticipating it being great. But it's very confusing to use, HELP! Update: I'm sticking with the 5 stars Customer service got right back to me and got me on track and everything is working beautifully! Thank you!

Chalk Mercantile
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Vývojář DevCloud LLC odpověděl 13. září 2020

Thanks! We already contacted you with some hints. Please let us know anything else!

16. prosinec 2020

So many options makes tagging our orders for packing so much easier as we can tag by international, drop ship, VIP, orders with notes and more

Nový Zéland
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9. červen 2020

Amazing, From customer service to app experience, Easy Tagging is a MUST HAVE for any large store with a huge number of products. It is very intuitive and easy to use, and always gets the job done.

Elite LUX Stores
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