T&C Terms and Conditions Popup

T&C Terms and Conditions Popup

開發者:NexusMedia OÜ

Terms and Conditions consent popup. Agree to Terms checkbox.

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Dynamic Checkout Compatible

Terms and Conditions consent popup that works with default checkout, PayPal checkout, and GooglePay checkout.

Theme Compatible

Works with most of the themes available. No code needed.

Works Everywhere

Regardless of where your store is located, the app will work 100%.

有關 T&C Terms and Conditions Popup

  • March 2021. Improved UI for better usability

Add a terms and conditions checkbox into your cart page or into the product page.

When the customer clicks on ‘Checkout’ in the cart page or on the dynamic checkout buttons (Paypal, Google Pay, Shopify Pay, Buy Now) on the product page a popup appears.

In this popup, the customer can view the terms and conditions and agree to or disagree with them. If they don’t agree, they can not proceed.

This way, you can be sure that your customers have agreed to your Terms and Conditions, Service Policy, Privacy Policy, Tax Responsibility Agreements, Age Verification or whatever else you want them to agree to.

You can even add 2 links into one Popup, for example, your customers should agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, before ordering from your store. With our app, this problem is solved.

All of that can be easily setup in a matter of seconds! No coding needed.

Key Features

  • Add a simple "I agree" checkbox to your cart/product page.
  • You can add 2 policies (for example: Terms and Conditions + Privacy Policy)
  • Fully customizable terms and conditions consent popup (Layout, Colours, Links etc.)
  • Works on every theme
  • Works with Paypal, Shopify Pay and Google Payments (No other Terms and Conditions app does that)

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4.5 5 顆星


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SlimGenics Direct

This is by far the best solution for a Terms & Conditions Checkbox for Shopify. The other Shopify apps put the message on the cart which is easily bypassed with the Checkout and Buy Now options,

D Csengeri EU

excellent app. does exactly what it say. excellent and prompt support by Den.
if this the capability you need, go for it.

Titan Security Products

The terms and conditions are limited to two lines while ours take six lines due to sensitive nature of the products. Unless you can fix this we will not be able to use it.




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