EasyCSV ‑ CSV & XLSX handling

EasyCSV ‑ CSV & XLSX handling


Stock Sync, Price Sync, Orders to CSV, New Products, FTP/SFTP

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Import & Export Spreadsheets

Update SKUs or Create Products via supplier files. Schedule auto imports from email, FTP servers, and more. Auto export CSVs for Orders.

Combine & filter data

Combine multiple or take only part of field values from spreadsheets. Filter out bad or incomplete data before it gets into your store.

4 ways to import spreadsheets

Drag & drop CSV files, search your Google Sheets, email CSV files, automatically fetch files from FTP/Google Drive, Dropbox/and more!

有關 EasyCSV ‑ CSV & XLSX handling

Do you receive Product info in spreadsheets from suppliers?

Do you need to sync Inventory / Quantities from CSV or XLSX files?

Do you need to update your Product Page based on CSV or XLSX files?

Do you need to send a CSV or XLSX file every time an order is made to your vendor or supplier?

Automatically sync supplier files to update existing SKUs -or- create New Products in your Shopify Store.

EasyCSV helps you quickly & repeatedly import those spreadsheets into your Shopify store.

Set it up in 2 minutes

Quickly set up an import page you or your team can use again and again in 2 minutes.

Updating SKUs & Inventory in Bulk

Map fields from a spreadsheet that you receive to Shopify fields. Let EasyCSV search for and update SKU information on a schedule you choose or manually upload a spreadsheet file yourself.

Product Variant / SKU / EAN Fields EasyCSV can update for you:

  1. Quantity / Inventory Sync
  2. Options (Option 1, 2, or 3)
  3. Price
  4. Inventory Policy
  5. Product Status (change to draft, active, or archived)
  6. Compare at Price

Creating Products: Set up to 26 Shopify Fields with smart defaults for each new Product you want to import

Title, Product Type, Vendor, Product Description, Tags, Price, Quantity, Inventory Policy, Up to 5 Product Images, SKU, Publish to Web, Publish to POS, SEO Title, SEO Description, SEO URL Handle, Weight, Weight Unit, Compare At Price, Barcode, Inventory Management, Fulfillment Service, and Template Suffix.

EasyCSV enables you or team members to import CSV files and Google Sheets into Shopify

Once you get set up in EasyCSV you get an import page with a custom link. You or anyone on your team can drag & drop spreadsheets or choose Google Sheets that will import and create Products in your Shopify Store the way you want.

You also get a custom email address that you can send emails to with an attached CSV file and it will import in your Shopify Store.

Combine, extract, or massage data in spreadsheets to make store values

  • Combine multiple columns in your spreadsheets to populate part of your Product listing in Shopify.
  • Take parts of spreadsheet values if you only want the first word, last word, a URL, and many more things from a spreadsheet value for a part of your Product listing.
  • Massage or Transform data to make sure it's capitalized, sentence cased, and more.

Automatically filter out bad or incomplete data

Sometimes we get spreadsheets that have bad or incomplete data in them. Set up automatic Filter Rules in EasyCSV to skip those rows and keep your store listings clean.

Built-in Security Features

Set up security on your import page to be password protected, invite only, or only allow team members with certain email addresses be allowed to import.


  • Google Sheets,
  • Google Account,
  • Zapier



Free Plan


  • 1 spreadsheet import form
  • 3 rows per import
  • Upload CSV files
  • Search & upload Google Sheets
  • Email addresses that auto-import attached CSVs

Project Plan

每月 $9

  • 1 spreadsheet import form
  • up to 5,000 rows per import
  • Upload CSV files
  • Search & upload Google Sheets
  • Email addresses to import attached CSVs


每月 $29

  • All features from lower plans
  • 3 spreadsheet import forms
  • up to 10,000 rows per import

Custom Plan

每月 $39

Contact us for more custom pricing and feature options

  • All features from lower plans
  • More than 3 spreadsheet import forms
  • More than 10,000 rows per import
  • Dedicated priority support

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** 定期費用接按照 30 天為週期收費,包括每月收費或依據使用量收費。

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Rug Love

This app is absolutely amazing - It has solved an issue we have had for over a year that no other app or developer could resolve. I tried them all. The only thing better than the app was the customer support from Max, without a doubt the best support I have ever received from any Shopify app. He went above and beyond and now our site is kept up to date in real-time saving us many hours of work and being much more efficient data-wise. I cannot thank Max enough. 5 stars and highly recommended to anyone looking to automate their business. it has allowed us to remove several apps like stock sync, meta fields, Order Export as this one does it all Best Wishes, Robert