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9 juillet 2021

I have a small online business which I have been running myself for the last 7 years. I work with the following platforms; Amazon, Ebay, Etsy and Shopify. We use USPS to ship our goods. I used StitchLabs for my inventory platform for the last 7 years and had no problems setting it up and running it on my own. Unfortunately this is not the case with EasyECom. I had 4 different meetings with EasyECom before I signed up. They assured me that I would have no problem integrating my marketplaces and using USPS to ship. They said the onboarding process would take 7 - 10 days. It took over 1.5 months. We HAD to go live without being totally set up because StitchLabs closed down on May 15th and I was going to be left without an inventory platform. To this day the onboarding process is still incomplete as USPS has yet been set up to work with EasyECom. I was told that they had 1000´s of US customers, which I doubt as this is the number #1 carrier in the US. Because of this issue I have to manually close all of my orders which involves downloading CSV files and uploading them (which I still have not been able to do as for some reason the format of my CSV files is ¨incorrect¨). Everyday I have to check to see if the orders have synced, to see if the sales channels have been connected properly after adding a new item (if not ANOTHER CSV file which I cannot upload). I waste hours everyday checking my sales channels to see if the inventory has been removed from the new orders received. I am constantly writing to get help on doing basic things like closing orders. As of today, July 9 ( signed up at the end of April) USPS still has not been integrated and I have not been informed of the date when it will be. I definitely would not recommend EasyECom. They have a lot of work to do on this platform before it is user friendly.

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