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Bearbeitet am 20. März 2024

Not a pretty bad app, but a ridiculous service!
"It seems you're in the United States. Redirect to US Store?" - the words "US Store" have a hyperlink (href link), but it redirects to the wrong website home link.
What's worse, my coworker and i have contacted their team several times in the last few months, but the problem still exists. and every time we contact online chat, it shows "Typically reply within 2 hours", then the message status shows “read” but no reply to u.

Finally, the problem was solved. but why technicians need so many permissions and authorizations is far beyond understanding, such as order, customer... almost all permissions of the store. Soooo weired!

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3 monate mit der App
GeoPro Labs Inc hat geantwortet 15. März 2024

Hi, I'm terribly sorry about this, we definitely respond to all support requests, I'll double check and see what happened here!

We'll also look into the problem you're experiencing and get to you shortly, thanks for your patience

Alex & the Geo:Pro team

30. August 2022

The app works really well, but there is one key feature missing: custom message and button text per country. Setting the message and button text globally doesn't make much sense since it limits you to one language. We want to show text in the primary language of the country.

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Etwa 2 stunden mit der App
GeoPro Labs Inc hat geantwortet 2. September 2022

Hi there,

Thank you for your feedback! We're working on this feature right now, and we'll release it soon with a bunch of other features. Meanwhile, you can reach our support team by emailing, and we'll manually add the necessary translations for your store.

Update: Hi, the requested feature is now available in the Geo:Pro app.

Geo:Pro Team