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Native iOS app and Android app. Mobile app for your Store.

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Mobile app for your Store

Build a native Shopify iOS and Android mobile apps fully integrated with your Shopify online store in minutes with zero coding

Instant PUSH notifications

Reach your customers with instant PUSH notifications whenever you want using your mobile app

Apple Pay

Simplify mobile checkout with single tap Apple Pay support in your mobile app

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A mobile app allows you to significantly increase conversion and customer engagement, build the loyal customer base, reducing customer retention, and, as a result, boost your sales considerably.

Why the Shopify mobile app is a vital part of your business

  • Building a mobile app for your Shopify store will allow you easy access to a wide range of advantages on your way to a successful online business:
  • Stay connected with your customers 24/7;
  • Use all the benefits of a fully native mobile app (iOS and Android) - an excellent user experience, design and app performance;
  • Reach your customers whenever you want to engage with them by means of instant push notifications;
  • Keep the customers posted on your news, special offers, discounts and new arrivals; Increase the store conversion and reduce customer retention by means of personalized communication.

How your customers benefit from a mobile app for your Shopify store

With a mobile app installed on their smartphones your customers will have instant and convenient access to your Shopify store wherever they are and whenever they want it. The customers will enjoy:

  • Offline access to your store and its full range of products;
  • Absolutely gorgeous and intuitively clear design of a native iOS and Android mobile apps;
  • Convenient store search and navigation;
  • Well-designed product catalog and comprehensive product page layout;
  • Product photo zoom-in and zoom-out;
  • Easy mobile app check-out via shopping cart;
  • Single tap checkout with Apple Pay;
  • And many more.

Your customers will be able to navigate your store and products cached in their previous sessions, and continue shopping once they go online.

Additional advantages

  • The app is integrated with the Mobile App Sales Channel, so you can see the complete statistics on the store visits and sales via the mobile app in your Shopify admin panel, and on top of that configure visibility of your collections for each sales channel that you use
  • It uses the native Shopify Mobile SDK so you’ll have the full integration with your Shopify web store;
  • The categories tree can be structured in accordance with your store collections;
  • Furthermore, you get an absolutely white label app for m-commerce - no mention of NexusMedia as a developer;

Live preview of your future app with EasyMobile Preview App

To preview the mobile app of your store, simply click on “GET APP” to add it to your Shopify backend and configure. Then go to Apple AppStore to install the EasyMobile Preview application and upon launch paste the URL of your web store - the app gets your store data and displays it nicely as your mobile app preview.


  • Apple Developer Account,
  • Google Play Developer Account

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AppStore submission service (optional) - $100 one-time fee

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Pakarin Boutique

La aplicación es muy útil, en nuestra experiencia hemos logrado aumentar la fidelidad de nuestros consumidores.

emporium nerja

Hi. Sorry to ask here but how do I contact your customer support I cant find any contact information

개발자 회신

2020년 2월 5일

Hi there,

Our support team just sent you an email. And our support email address (support@nexusmedia-ua.com) is there on this page, in the Support section, as well as the contact form you may use to reach us.

Thank you,
NexusMedia Team


All in all, this is a really cool and affordable app compared to most other options. The only downside is it's NOT feature-rich. If you want features like wishlists/favorites or automatic notifications, etc. you won't get that with this app. It does have everything you need for a basic app though, and it's pretty easy to set up and customize. But just having an app won't get you more sales. There's still marketing that's needed and having a high monthly premium can really cut into your advertising budget. I give this app 4 stars for it's low cost and basic features, but I would have given it 5 stars if it included a few more basic features that you'd find on most shopping apps.