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Fecha de modificación: 4 de agosto de 2020

I use the application helps me to give important information to my clients, I had problems with the installation, but the customer service response was excellent and the problem was solved immediately, many thanks to the team. I recommend it

11 meses usando la aplicación
4 de mayo de 2023

L'application est super! Le service à la clientèle est excellent et super rapide!!! Je recommande pour vos formulaires personnalisé.

Atelier La Vie Apothicaire
8 meses usando la aplicación
6 de febrero de 2022

I am absolutely amazed by the quick response I've got in an urgent situation using this app :) We have a brand that requires a request from customers purchasing items from our online store and the app is very easy to use. This time I had to release the brand from the requirement - usually it's done in no time but I had a different issue that the team fixed with no problems :) I really do recommend this app to everyone :)

9 meses usando la aplicación
28 de febrero de 2023

Great app and extremely responsive support. I had some additional requirements and everything was done quickly and with quality.
I definitely recommend them.
9 meses usando la aplicación
24 de noviembre de 2016

This app was just what we needed. It works flawlessly, making forms is really easy, and the support was amazing. We noticed that line items weren't displaying in the order form within the backend. We contacted the team at Nexus Media and they fixed the issue within a matter of days. Definitely recommend this app and company!

Alta Catering
9 meses usando la aplicación
6 de enero de 2023

How to setup Facebook pixel this app ?
facebook pixel purchase event problem. Please give me Facebook pixel setup tutorial

Telesky BD Online store
9 meses usando la aplicación
NexusMedia OÜ respondió 10 de enero de 2023

Hi there,

Thank you for your review and reply to your question: to make the pixel event work with our app, you need to connect the FB pixel to your Store and then add the required pixel code to our app. If you already have the FB Pixel code connected, you need to go to the Event Manager ( and copy the FB Pixel code from there.

Once done, you need to go to the Shopify Admin → Apps → EasyOrder → Marketing and add the code to the "Facebook Pixel Code" field.

Here's a short manual: Please note that the app interface has been changed.

If anything isn't working as expected, please let us know.

EasyOrder team

30 de marzo de 2022

Instalé esta aplicación, no supe como resolver algunas cosas, contacté al servicio técnico y me ayudaron. Muy buen servicio y apoyo. Además lo hicieron muy rápido. Excelente.

9 meses usando la aplicación
Fecha de modificación: 6 de septiembre de 2021

The best app I had ever with the best customer support, every time I had a problem I email them and they replied to me so fastly thank you easy order
9 meses usando la aplicación
23 de junio de 2020

Great app! and great support. I found exactly what we needed. and would highly recommend you to do the same!

Emiratos Árabes Unidos
8 meses usando la aplicación
1 de diciembre de 2019

very usefull app it can converge a lot of visits into a selling situation but it can be very annoying too because it's hard to enable

8 meses usando la aplicación