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4. toukokuu 2023

L'application est super! Le service à la clientèle est excellent et super rapide!!! Je recommande pour vos formulaires personnalisé.

Atelier La Vie Apothicaire
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17. maaliskuu 2023

I am highly recommended, and the support is quick and efficient. I would give it the highest rating!

Sovelluksen käyttöaika: 20 päivää
28. helmikuu 2023

Great app and extremely responsive support. I had some additional requirements and everything was done quickly and with quality.
I definitely recommend them.

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4. tammikuu 2023

I have been using the application for 3 years, now I am happy to install it in my new store.
I studied the statistics, 57 percent of my orders were processed by Easy Order!
I contacted the support program, and they adjusted the program for my new theme
My theme conflicted with this app, but a few lines of code from Easy Order programmers - and everything is fine
Now the buyer can leave his phone, everything else will be done by the phone manager. I recommend!

🟩 Test theme
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17. elokuu 2022

We use this app to allow for draft orders to be created using free codes that we assign, approve, and then process the orders. Customer support was quick and helpful after we updated the app and lost some of the Custom CSS we had applied to help us hide prices on our order form.

NSCC #ReadAtlantic
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28. heinäkuu 2022

This app works great, I needed to add a specific feature, I tried contacting their customer service and I got a quick response from them, their service was great! They quickly got me the feature I needed. I really appreciate their help in solving my problem and I strongly recommend their apps!

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1. heinäkuu 2022

Excelente atención y ayuda técnica. Buena experiencia! Muchas gracias por toda su atención! recomendada

Sovelluksen käyttöaika: 3 kuukautta
29. toukokuu 2022

Great, EasyOrder help me too much to increase my COD orders, Thank you so much, I will use it always in all my shopify store..

Zoon Trading I Online Shopping center
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30. maaliskuu 2022

Instalé esta aplicación, no supe como resolver algunas cosas, contacté al servicio técnico y me ayudaron. Muy buen servicio y apoyo. Además lo hicieron muy rápido. Excelente.

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10. helmikuu 2022

IT VERRY GOOD APP whether to use this app.Your comments can help other merchants decide whether to use this app.Your comments can help other merchants decide whether to use this app.

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