Easypop: All‑in‑one Popups

Easypop: All‑in‑one Popups

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Beautiful popups to boost conversion and engage shoppers

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Easy as pie

Our simple campaign editor gives you the power to quickly create thousands of different popups, bars, widgets, banners, and theme sections.

All-in-one solution

Replace a handful of other marketing apps with one. What used to take 2-5 apps can now be done from a single easy-to-use dashboard

Optimized for performance

A few seconds can have a huge impact. That's why we've optimized Easypop to minimize performance impacts and maximize conversions.

Acerca de Easypop: All‑in‑one Popups

The last popup app you’ll ever need

Easypop is an all-in-one marketing tool to build and launch on-site promotions. The powerful flexibility gives you the ability to create thousands of different campaigns from a single app.

Beautiful by default

You don't have to be a designer - campaigns just look good out of the box. All Easypop campaigns have a beautifully minimal look and work well on all devices.


Start selling

Display products as upsells, cross-sells, or even free gifts. Tie-in coupons, discounts, and scheduling to supercharge your campaigns.

Increase social proof

Highlight recent publications, reviews, testimonials, and more to improve social proof. Bring your site to life with credibility and trust-boosting campaigns.

Build your audience

Collect emails and build your audience with a simple and powerful campaign. Show popups, sliders, drawers, alerts, and banners at key moments to invite customers to your community.

Boost conversions

Create campaigns to highlight special offers. Give customers the content they need to reach checkout. Run a campaign to show a progress bar telling customers how close they are to free shipping

And even more...

With a growing catalog of functionality and limitless ways to connect everything, you're bound to find new ways to use Easypop.


Endless(∞) possibilities from a single app

There's 3 parts to an Easypop campaign. Content, style, and conditions - it's a completely modular approach that gives you the ability to create the exact campaign you need.


All features

Content types

  • Product feed: A carousel of products.
  • Single product: A single product.
  • Newsletter: Email sign-up form.
  • Cart progress bar: Increase average order size by showing a reward that the customer can receive if they spend more
  • Simple message: Simple message alongside an image.
  • Mini message: Short single-line of text.
  • Blog: Highlight new or relevant blog content.
  • Testimonial: Increase social proof by showcasing recent testimonials.
  • Video: Display a video.
  • HTML: Display your own HTML. Use this to embed code or build your own campaign.
  • Coming soon: age verification, countdown timer, two-step newsletter (sms + email), spin to win, and more

Style templates

  • Modal (popup)
  • Drawer (slide-out)
  • Floating banner
  • Floating box (alert)
  • Fullscreen
  • App block (supports Online Store 2.0 themes)


  • URL
  • Cart size
  • Cart value
  • Product in cart
  • Product not in cart
  • Time on page
  • Exit intent
  • Scroll depth
  • Hover
  • Click
  • First-time customer
  • Pages visited


  • Set a frequency cap for daily impressions
  • Auto-close campaigns after a delay
  • Schedule campaigns with start

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Starter (free)


  • 2 content types
  • 1 style template
  • 1 campaign
  • All conditions
  • Beautifully designed
  • Easypop branding



  • All content types
  • Al style template
  • 2 campaigns
  • All conditions
  • Beautifully designed
  • Dedicated support manager
  • No Easypop branding



  • All content types
  • Al style template
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • All conditions
  • Beautifully designed
  • Dedicated support manager
  • No Easypop branding

* Todos los cargos se facturan en USD.
** Los cargos recurrentes, incluidos los costos mensuales o los cargos basados en el uso, se facturan cada 30 días.

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I always love when apps are intuitive and easy to setup and this is definitely one of them. We just started using it so I can't speak to the performance yet, but with how much it does I'm optimistic we'll find some big wins!


All good! Helpful support team who were able to address questions/comments and help as required. Nice.


So much functionality built into a single app! The Brickspace team is great to work with and always adding pushing new updates.

Respuesta del desarrollador

18 de mayo de 2021

Thanks! Always appreciate working together!