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7 de agosto de 2023

We don't prefer that it adds suffixes to your redirected URLs.


No thanks.

Portland CNC
Estados Unidos
20 minutos usando o app
Shop Circle deixou uma resposta 4 de dezembro de 2023

Hello, thank you for your review and the 4-star rating. We understand your concern about URL suffixes, and we're sorry if it did not meet your preference.

We certainly want to create the best possible user experience for you, and your feedback plays a big role in that. We'd highly appreciate it if you could reach out to our support team, they would assist you to better understand the feature and possibly help configure it to suit your needs.

Your feedback does make a significant difference, and we're very grateful for it.

Best regards,

The Shop Circle Team

5 de dezembro de 2023

Support très réactif. Notre problème a été solutionné en 2 jours.

Lalique Limited
Reino Unido
29 dias usando o app
Shop Circle deixou uma resposta 6 de dezembro de 2023

Merci beaucoup pour votre évaluation de 4 étoiles! Nous sommes heureux d'apprendre que notre équipe de support a pu résoudre votre problème rapidement. Cependant, nous sommes toujours à la recherche de façons de nous améliorer. Si vous avez des suggestions sur ce que nous pourrions faire pour obtenir cette dernière étoile, n'hésitez pas à nous le faire savoir. Votre feedback est très important pour nous. Merci d’utiliser Easy Redirects.

L'équipe Shop Circle

25 de março de 2017

HI there,

Your app is strait-forward and do the job, thanks for having a free version. The only problem is that for some reason, firefox would not let the pop up window allowing you to select your file.

Good job though

Styleand Apply
Estados Unidos
Aproximadamente 5 anos usando o app
5 de dezembro de 2018

We are moving our jewelry store to Shopify and because of extensive social media links we needed to redirect more than 100 products. The support team was responsive and helpful. Easy Redirects is a good solution and "easy" to use.

My saint my hero 2
Estados Unidos
Aproximadamente 1 ano usando o app
Shop Circle deixou uma resposta 12 de dezembro de 2023

Hi there!

We're thrilled to hear that Easy Redirects has been a helpful solution for your jewelry store's move to Shopify. Our goal is to make processes as smooth and "easy" as possible, so it's great to know that we're hitting the mark!

Thank you for also acknowledging our support team. We always aim to provide prompt and efficient assistance, and your words affirm that.

At the same time, we've noticed the 4-star rating and we're curious to know if we could have done something more to provide you a complete 5-star experience. Our team is always willing to help, please feel free to share with us any areas you think we could improve on or if there were any challenges you faced.

Your feedback is very important in helping us continue to enhance our product and support. We look forward to better serving you!

The Shop Circle Team

20 de janeiro de 2020

Hi, it's been a helpful app. I have a question though - since you can't exports the redirects from the app and import them to the native Shopify URL redirects, once they are created in the app - do they automatically go to the URL redirects too?

Organic Basics
Aproximadamente 1 ano usando o app
Shop Circle deixou uma resposta 20 de janeiro de 2020

Hi there

Thanks for your review. Regarding your question, I have passed this to our support team who have now made contact via email.


Eastside Co

3 de maio de 2023

Best App and helpful support, Our store working in fashion and this app helping us resolve all 404s issues

6 meses usando o app
Shop Circle deixou uma resposta 4 de dezembro de 2023


We're overjoyed to hear that Easy Redirects has been successful in resolving all 404s issues for your fashion store! It's great to know that our app is the best for you and that our support team has been of assistance.

If you have any other suggestions or ways we can further assist you, please feel free to share. Your feedback plays a crucial role in helping us enhance our app and service.

Thank you for your high rating and for being a part of our community.

Shop Circle team

Data de edição: 17 de dezembro de 2020

So, it's working because I do see 404s that need to be redirected and I manually do them - but I just am having a REALLY hard time with the redirect patterns and other things to make it automatic and no one has answered me. UPDATE: got a super helpful response and working on it. Hopefully they answer and confirm my second question. Thank you!

It's Juliet
Estados Unidos
2 dias usando o app
Shop Circle deixou uma resposta 17 de dezembro de 2020

Hi there - thanks for your review! Sorry it took a little longer than you hoped for someone to reply to your email - I understand my colleague has now been in touch and answered your questions. Hopefully the redirect patterns are now working as you want them to. Any other questions, please do get in touch.


Eastside Co

Data de edição: 7 de novembro de 2019

Service is great, but it does not supersede the shopify limitations on the /services. I try to keep the service, but unfortunately, it does not help me on what I need to do. This is why I bought your premium service.

Accessible Construction
Estados Unidos
1 dia usando o app
Shop Circle deixou uma resposta 6 de novembro de 2019


Thanks for getting in touch. I understand you've now had a dialogue with our support team about the issue you're having. Unfortunately redirecting from /services is something that cannot be done on Shopify. The following is taken from a Shopify help page:

"You can't redirect URLs that begin with the following prefixes: /apps, /application, /cart, /carts, /orders, /shop, or /services."

I'm really sorry we were unable to fix this for you but it's something that isn't in our control.

Best wishes

Eastside Co