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App is great but support is not. After about 6 emails and waiting almost a full day between each I still have no answers. I give up on their support and will find my answers elsewhere. Answers are short, vague and pointless.

App does exactly what it says. Put in your old and new URLs and it redirects. Its perfect for what we were looking for, we needed something to create a redirect when we ran out of stock of a product and were not getting any more in stock. Makes redirects easy and painless.

Jps Bears
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Shop Circle已回复 2020年1月20日


I've spoken with our support team but unfortunately haven't been able to find a record of the dialogue you're referring to. However, they've sent you a message to follow up and answer any questions you have about the app.

Kind regards

Eastside Co


It's been a helpful app so far, however, I can't seem to find a way to export the redirects. Is there any way to export an CSV file, for example?

Organic Basics
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Shop Circle已回复 2020年1月16日

Hi there,

Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately what you're trying to do is not possible through the app. However you can do it by going to:

Online store > Navigation > Url redirects

Our support team have also sent you a message to reiterate this. Hope it helps!

All the best

Eastside Co


I don't think the redirects that are presented and fixed are completely wright. So I only use it to get a notification about what is wrong so I can correct it myself.

Greenflash Wijn
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Shop Circle已回复 2022年11月7日

hi - thanks for your review. Our support team has emailed you to help you resolve the issue.


Eastside Co


Seems really good for managing redirects but a gotcha is not being able to remove .html extensions so that the 301 redirects correctly - native shopify redirects work perfectly for this, but the app has an issue where the 301 retains the extension and returns the .html appended (even though the page is displayed) would recommend testing with cURL so you can confirm you'll not have any seo issues with the app installed. Now uninstalled and waiting for update from Dev, but will need to add redirects to native without the handy wildcards feature which is a shame.

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Shop Circle已回复 2021年1月20日

Hi - thanks for your review. Our support team are discussing the point you mentioned, and once we have more info we'll be in touch. Thanks for raising it.


Update 25/01 - our team has emailed you today - we are hopeful we'll be able to solve the issue for you. Many thanks


Did not worked for me but the support was helpful. Maybe I should had better patience with all the 404 and redirects
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Shop Circle已回复 2019年9月9日

Hi - we're sorry that you've chosen not to ultimately use the app, but we do appreciate you updating your review following your discussion with our support team.

All the best

Eastside Co