Easy Redirects by ESC

Easy Redirects by ESC

da Eastside Co

Bulk 301 Redirects & 404 Error Management

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Take the pain out of redirects

Bulk URL uploads makes fixing 301 redirects quick and easy, whether you’re migrating between sites or updating products and pages.

Don’t lose traffic or sales

Ensure your visitors don't land on 404 page errors and leave your site to buy elsewhere. Alerts and tools let you resolve 404s with ease.

Maintain your site ranking

Search engines take page errors into account when crawling your site. Fix 404 errors which could damage your search engine ranking.

Su Easy Redirects by ESC

Easy Redirects takes the pain out of managing URL redirects and page errors by enabling you to easily carry out automatic redirects, bulk redirects and manage 404 errors. Whether migrating your store between platforms or domains, or amending your site structure or product range, managing 301 redirects and correcting 404 page errors are essential for many reasons.

How can Easy Redirects help you?

  • Effortlessly migrate to Shopify from another platform
  • Ensure you don't lose sales when customers land on broken links
  • Eliminate page errors which could damage your search engine ranking
  • Quickly and easily import bulk URL redirects into Shopify from a CSV file
  • Built in automatic 404 tracking
  • Automated alerts update you with new errors and allow you to fix them quickly and easily
  • Track and resolve 404 error pages, preventing a potential loss of reputation and sales from customers requesting old and outdated links
  • One-click install (no code required)

What are URL redirects and why are they important?

URL redirects (also known as 301 redirects) point traffic from one URL to another.

If you're moving from an old site to Shopify, or need to make changes to the structure of your Shopify store, you will have pages ranking in Google that don’t go anywhere on Shopify. If left unresolved, this can have a catastrophic impact on your search rankings when people look for, and are unable to find, these pages.

Adding URL redirects for all old links associated with your domain (products, collections, blog articles and pages) eliminates this negative impact on search rankings and visitors. Easy Redirects allows you to bulk redirect with ease.

What are 404 page errors and why do you need to manage them?

404 page errors are what visitors see when they land on a page that no longer exists. The app enables you to easily manage and redirect 404 page errors on an ongoing basis. Keeping on top of these is key to maintaining your site’s health, as well as page rankings - and sales. The app will track errors for you, alert you to new ones, prompt you to fix them (or automatically redirect them based on predetermined rules), and let you know when they’re done.

  • Automated alerts notify you of new errors so you can quickly fix them before they impact sales or your site's ranking, and let you know when problems have been fixed
  • ‘Group redirects’ allow you to categorise them so you can filter with ease
  • ‘Redirect patterns’ is a new feature which makes managing redirects easier than ever before. By creating rules, you can automate redirects that fall into defined criteria so the app will redirect them on your behalf, saving you the hassle of manually redirecting URLs

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  • Bulk 301 Redirects
  • Group redirects to categorise and filter with ease
  • Statistics and analysis



  • All Basic features
  • Automatic 404 tracking
  • Alerts & reminders to manage 404 page errors easily
  • Redirect patterns to automate redirects

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4.5 stelle su 5

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In het begin wat problemen maar het werkt nu perfect. Simpel en eenvoudig. De keuze in je productpagina, wanneer je iets wijzigt in je productnaam, om de link automatisch mee te veranderen, is super gemakkelijk.

Risposta dello sviluppatore

29 novembre 2021

Bedankt voor je recensie!

Le Olive UK

We needed to use some redirect patterns to lead the users to correct URLs as they were redirected from a localized store. The app does it well, and it supports Regex, as well as simple patterns. Make sure to set up the app properly, it might not locate your 404 page right away if you're using a Shopify 2.0 or a custom theme, so the script would need to be added manually. The support was responsive.

Risposta dello sviluppatore

29 novembre 2021

Thanks for your review - we're delighted that you're happy with how it's working for your store!


Eastside Co


realy great thanks! Moved to shopify recently and was able with this app to redirect all the previous pages with high Google ranking to individual new pages. Saw the Google results almost immediately! Thanks

Risposta dello sviluppatore

12 luglio 2021

Thanks for your review! We're glad we were able to make the move to Shopify easier for you with our app. Best of luck with the store.

Kind regards

Eastside Co