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EasyRoutes Local Delivery

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After we migrated to Shopify we were told how EasyRoutes could be a potential game changer over the previous tool we had been using. I admittedly was a bit skeptical, but EasyRoutes made sure to swiftly change my mind. Our delivery coordinator continues to sing its praises.

EasyRoutes has taken a 6 hour a week job and turned it into a single hour.

Features worth highlighting:
- Easy deployment of routes to delivery drivers via text
- Efficient route sequencing (that takes removal of U-turns into consideration)
- Robust fulfillment options that include standardized text messages and picture capture
- Analytics that accurately capture the efficiency of each route

Great tool that works seamlessly with our Shopify store. I strongly recommend this to others

The Real Good Life
使用應用程式 7個月
Roundtrip 已回覆 2023年7月24日

Thanks so much for your kind words! It really warms our hearts to hear that EasyRoutes has made such a big difference in your work week. It's not every day you get to hear that you've turned a skeptic into a fan!

We're delighted to know that the features we've put in place, from efficient route sequencing to robust fulfillment options, are making your job easier. It's our goal to give you guys more time to focus on what truly matters in your business.

Your recommendation means the world to us. Thanks again for your support!


Really can't say enough about how great this app is. We run a rapidly expanding meal delivery service, and EasyRoutes has become absolutely critical to our operation. Fantastic customer service (like answers within an hour usually), and the app is consistently updated with new features that are making things easier for us every week.

Redstart Foods
使用應用程式 大約2年

We've been using EasyRoute for the past two months and are thoroughly impressed. The app has been a game changer in managing our local deliveries. It's user-friendly, efficient, and incredibly reliable, even during our busiest times with high order volumes. We highly recommend EasyRoute to any e-commerce business looking for a stable, effective delivery management system.

Farmers Box
使用應用程式 4個月

easy to use and they are quick to assist when an issue arises.

Just Raw Pet Food
使用應用程式 1年多

EasyRoutes is a wonderful delivery service. It seamlessly has integrated into all of our other shopify apps to make the route creation incredibly easy. The perks of adding multiple drivers, tracking deliveries, delivery confirmation have all been outstanding to help us ensure the best possible quality to our customers. I 100% would recommend EasyRoutes to any company lloking for a fantastic local delivery routing option!

1 Percent Fitness Store
使用應用程式 8個月

We are using the app now for almost a year. The app is very user friendly. If you do local delivery this app is a must-have. Keep up the good work! We really recommend this powerfull app!

Springkussen Parkstad
使用應用程式 1年多

We run a business selling big bulky tonne bags of logs and topsoil and easyroutes has been game changing for us. We were looking to improve on a system of stacked packing slips being handed over physically to our driver and we were immediately impressed with easyroutes. Here are a few of the texts sent from myself to my brother when i started playing with it:

"there's some absolutely sick delivery apps. literally installed one 2 mins ago and already impressed."
"literal gold struck"
"plots all the deliveries on a map"
"it's gonna change the world"
"think the paper days are over"
"i'm going to be sick with excitement"

The team have been great and super responsive too. There have been views that have been altered to work better with our operation and me and Boris went back and forth extensively to work out how best to code in our delivery times given we don't like to use date picker apps.

If you have a shopify business heavily reliant on local delivery, you'd be insane not to give this a go.

Mr. Logs
使用應用程式 28天
Roundtrip 已回覆 2023年9月11日

Thank you for sharing your fantastic experience with EasyRoutes! We're thrilled to hear that EasyRoutes has been a game-changer for your business, especially when dealing with large and bulky deliveries like tonne bags of logs and topsoil. Your enthusiasm and feedback are greatly appreciated.

It's great to know that our team was able to collaborate with you to customize EasyRoutes to meet your specific needs. We're committed to providing practical solutions for businesses like yours. Your recommendation to fellow Shopify users is invaluable, and we're here to support your local delivery needs every step of the way.

Best regards,
The EasyRoutes Team


I am so in love with this app. I just did today's delivery route in 6 MINUTES!! This was taking up an hour of our time before (using a professional delivery system but it wasn't integrated with Shopify). I have all my tags set up to catch orders and put them into runs automatically. I can add manual stops. I can adjust. I just just just love it so hard.
Plus - I just sent an email when they asked for feedback and there was an email waiting for me the next morning from an actual human that was very helpful!
My worry was the the additional costs but turns out that's just how many texts you choose to have sent out. You can control that too.
Love love big love <3

The Prep House
使用應用程式 16天

Excellent tool for our deliveries and excellent/responsive customer service

使用應用程式 2年多

EasyRoutes has simplified our delivery and notification processes hugely. Support is quick and helpful - big thanks to Boris and the team. Highly recommend!

Veg Box Fresh
使用應用程式 接近3年