Local Delivery Routes Planner

Local Delivery Routes Planner

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Create and share optimized delivery routes in seconds.

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Save Time Planning

Select your orders and hit the "Create New Route" button! We'll generate route maps, optimized stop lists, and route inventories.

Dispatch Routes

Once you've created a route, you can share it with your drivers or do your own deliveries with our mobile-friendly delivery view.

Notify Customers

We'll notify your customers when their orders are out for delivery and when they are delivered (or if you've missed them).

Über Local Delivery Routes Planner

Integrated seamlessly with your Shopify orders

EasyRoutes is a local delivery route planner app that makes it super simple to create a delivery route in seconds. You can then take your routes and share them with drivers, or you can use our mobile-friendly driver view to deliver them yourself.

EasyRoutes integrates seamlessly with Shopify and your store's orders. No more wasting time exporting and importing spreadsheets. Simply select the orders you want to deliver, and EasyRoutes will determine the most efficient route to deliver your products.

EasyRoutes has advanced features that make delivery planning simple. Like smart route-splitting, which divides your orders into as many optimized routes as you require. We also provide an inventory for each route that can be used as a packing list to ensure that you or your drivers have everything before leaving.

The EasyRoutes delivery route app was created with simplicity in mind. There's no need to deal with complicated enterprise route planner apps anymore. Plan routes the easy way, with EasyRoutes!

How is this different to Shopify’s Local Delivery app?

  • EasyRoutes can make routes from all your orders, not just "local delivery" ones.
  • Split orders into multiple routes with just one click.
  • Deliver your pickup orders on the same route.

Do you use Zapiet or other delivery apps?

  • Plan routes using your delivery dates.
  • Share your delivery info with your driver.

Do you use Bold, Recharge or other subscription apps?

  • EasyRoutes lets you plan and deliver your recurring orders.

Our Features

  • Share Routes — Share routes with your drivers without them needing to log in to Shopify
  • Driver View — Navigate your delivery stops in your vehicle with our mobile-friendly driver view
  • Edit Routes — Edit and tweak your routes. Change the order of stops or add/edit addresses
  • Proof of Delivery — Attach a photo and optional note when dropping off deliveries
  • Add Custom Stops — Add in custom addresses to deliver to orders taken outside of Shopify (e.g. over the phone)
  • Notify Customers — Let customers know when their orders are on the way and when they have been delivered
  • Mark as Delivered — Drivers can mark items as delivered (or missed). No need to come back to Shopify to rectify things after
  • Drive Times/ETAs — See estimated drive times and arrival times to help you better plan your day
  • Time Per Stop — Specify how much time you need to spend at each stop to better help with scheduling
  • Smart Route-Splitting — Select your orders and the number of routes you would like them split them in to
  • Route Inventory — Use our packing list to make sure you have all your items before heading out
  • Get Directions — Open up your stops in Google Maps, Waze



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  • Plan for 10 orders at once
  • Routes for 50 orders a month



  • Plan for 25 orders at once
  • Routes for 100 orders/mo
  • Includes Pro features (like route editing tools, inventory/packing list)



  • Create routes for 5 vehicles at once
  • Plan for 150 orders at once
  • Routes for 750 orders/mo



  • Create routes for 10 vehicles at once
  • Plan for 250 orders at once
  • Routes for 1500 orders a month
  • Advanced features (like Proof of Delivery)

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Aktuellste Rezensionen

Mussett Holdings

We have been using this app for a while now and its been great for our farm to deliver 7000 eggs every week in 4 different vans. Its very flexible when things get complicated. support has been great and the staff are always open to suggestions for new additions or updates.

Ginger Jack

Ridiculously helpful and efficient app, perfect to grow our business and to spend as little time as possible to our logistic planning.
Most importantly, the service, help and advice is perfect and unseen: within a day we received direct advice to implement in our processes. I'd advice it to any starting business who deals with delivery planning!

Illuminate Food

When my company first found this app, it was so close to being exactly what we needed. It is quickly becoming a perfect tool for our needs. The routing is accurate and intuitive, and the available options are very helpful. The best part of all though is the team behind it. We have had an open dialogue about what is and isn't working for a few months and they really listen. Their responses are very fast, and the team is swift to make meaningful changes. They go above and beyond to create the best experience. I highly recommend!