Easy Local Delivery Routes

Easy Local Delivery Routes

da Roundtrip Labs

Create, edit, and share optimized local delivery routes!

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It's Easy To Use

EasyRoutes displays all your orders. Select the ones you wish to route and we calculate the most optimal way to deliver your products.

It's Easy to Share

Send your drivers an auto-expiring link to open on their own devices or print out an easy-to-read printable version of your route.

It's Easier to Deliver

EasyRoutes takes the headache out of figuring out the most cost-effective route to deliver your products. We'll save you time and money.

Su Easy Local Delivery Routes

EasyRoutes creates delivery routes from your Shopify orders, so you can deliver faster and more efficiently.

Figuring out the best way to get your products delivered to your customers can be challenging. It's time-consuming and those hours could be better spent on working on other aspects of your business, but it doesn't have to be this complicated and difficult. There is an easy way...EasyRoutes is here to help!

EasyRoutes integrates directly with your Shopify orders to save you from the painful task of having to export data into spreadsheets. We display all orders available. Simply select the ones you wish to include in a route and EasyRoutes calculates the most optimal way to deliver your products.

Speed up Local Delivery

Once a route is generated you can rearrange your delivery stops, add custom stops for deliveries outside of Shopify, or edit existing addresses already in your list. You can view your customer information right on the screen, in case you need to contact them, and you can view the items they have ordered. We also provide an inventory you can use as a packing list to make sure you have everything you need before you head out for your deliveries. And once you have dropped off an order you can mark it as delivered right in the app.

EasyRoutes makes sharing routes with your drivers easy as well. Just send them a link! It auto-expires after two days to keep your customer information secure (but you can always re-enable it). Or you can print out the route in an easy-to-read format with a map and all the order notes included.

EasyRoutes gives you everything you need to start generating optimized local delivery routes that work for your business.

Check out some of our features:

  • Uses All Orders — EasyRoutes works with all your Shopify orders, not just local ones.
  • Add Custom Stops — Easily add in custom stops to deliver other orders from outside of Shopify.
  • Route Sharing — Share your routes with your delivery drivers without them needing to log in to Shopify.
  • Mark as Delivered — Let your drivers mark orders as delivered when viewing a route. No driver-app needed!
  • Drive Times — See estimated drive times to help you better plan your day.
  • Search & Filter — You can filter by order tags or use our search bar to slice and dice your data.
  • No Bad Addresses — Identify which addresses have issues that need addressing before your driver heads out.

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  • Optimized Routes with up to 10 Stops

  • Drive Times

  • Route History

  • Printable Routes

  • Value of Route



  • Basic plan features +:

  • Routes with up to 50 Stops

  • Route Sharing

  • Drivers can mark orders as delivered

  • Add/Edit/Re-Order Stops

  • Route Inventory

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4.9 stelle su 5

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Le recensioni più recenti

Kafka's Organic

This app makes it so easy to plan out our local delivery routes! Loving all the new features they are adding and the continuous improvements, plus their customer service is great

Kwality Indian Grocery store

Awesome. Thank you for such time saving app. Its free as well. Great. More features can be added. I am sure they are launching soon as per their site.

Well Baked Box

Overall, great app and the new beta is better than the shopify local delivery because it's not restricted to "local delivery" tags and you can add/move stops. Great work! Suggestions: When I select orders to add to a new route, it would be great to see the number of orders I've selected (e.g. 27 Orders Selected). I'd like to be able to notify the customer about upcoming deliveries. I'd like to be able to send the whole route to google maps so that I can follow it that way. Even with 19 stops I don't see any directions. Right now I have to move between easyroutes for next stop, google maps for directions to next stop, then shopify for fulfillment after delivery. If we could at least add a fulfillment button to easyroutes and/or send the entire delivery list to google for continuous directions, that would be helpful.