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28. März 2022

Excellent app, easy to integrate and setup. Few issues with the upfront pricing calculation, but the support team are EXCELLENT and quick to fix. I imagine these are more teething issues for the business as it grows. They also helped us find a 3PL that is integrated with EasyShip... it was truly a plug/play. Would highly recommend it.

Tomorrow Skincare
So lange wurde die App verwendet: 3 monate
21. Juni 2021

Unable to create shipping zone/Add Rate for Africa using the Easyship App. It just keeps buffering on the admin & nothing happens. Easyship & Shopify both party could not fix this issue. Apart from that in terms of insurance, the duty and tax features are great.

Vereinigtes Königreich
So lange wurde die App verwendet: 21 tage
Bearbeitet am 1. März 2021

I had few issues with a carrier but easyship got back to me and solved the problem, their customer services has definitely improved

Vereinigtes Königreich
So lange wurde die App verwendet: 7 monate
Bearbeitet am 6. April 2021

A serious lifesaver for managing all my shipments! I love that I can give my international customers a dynamic checkout which includes various shipping options and the option to pay for taxes and duties right at checkout. This really helps eliminate any surprises our international customers may be hit with on delivery and improves conversions at checkout. I also love that it works so seamlessly with our shipping carriers and that we are able to easily import our discounted rates we negotiated with carriers. To add to this, their customer service is A++++! I worked with Hiromi and she was so wonderful throughout the whole process. Anytime I had a question, it was answered within 30 minutes. She also took the time to video conference with me and walk me through the whole platform and help me set it up! Thank you thank you thank you!

Vereinigte Staaten
So lange wurde die App verwendet: 4 monate
27. März 2020

The app is easy to use and pretty straightforward. I like how you can email tracking information to customers directly from the shipping information page. One downside is that custom box names can't be edited after they're created. If you happen to make a mistake, you have to delete that box and then re-enter it.

JBC Corp
Vereinigte Staaten
So lange wurde die App verwendet: 5 monate
Easyship hat geantwortet 29. März 2020

Hi there,

Thanks for taking the time to leave your feedback, we're always eager to get insight from our customers on how we can improve our App!

In his case, unfortunately, you are right, you can't currently modify the name of a Saved Box in this way, you can only edit the Empty Box Weight, change the "Auto selection" or Delete.

Our Tech Team are aware of this issue and it is on our roadmap for the future, so watch this space!

All the best,


Bearbeitet am 29. Juli 2020

I have been using Easyship for 8 months now and overall I find the app great! The dashboard is very easy to use and they are always looking to improve and adding new features. I have found their customer service has dropped off over the last few months, which I can understand but sometimes it can take 5-6 emails to just get a response.

The biggest area for me where they need to improve is the link between their warehouse partners & Shopify, I have to go in and manually update my stock every month to make sure inventory is correct.

I would defiantly recommend Easyship to any start-up, even with the few issues mentioned above, they have been a great tool to help me launch my brand.

Earned Athletic
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21. Januar 2020

David and his team are pretty responsive to fixing things. The app is quite good and will help a lot of stores no doubt.
It has some room to improve on the larger scale end though where things need to be more customisable or changes made.

They can be done but it takes some time hence the 4/5 stars. For the majority of people it will be a good app but for those who ship over 100+ a week and need some special customisations it will take some time to get that done.

So lange wurde die App verwendet: 11 monate
Easyship hat geantwortet 22. Januar 2020

Hi there,

Thanks for taking the time to leave feedback.

We appreciate the positives you've highlighted, but we'd love to hear more about how we can make Easyship even better for you!

If you want to give us some more details on this then we're all ears, support@easyship.com is the best place to reach us :)

All the best,

Bearbeitet am 1. September 2020

Easy app and fair rates. An excellent solution for who wants several shipping options including international ones. The only issue is getting to support. But when you do customer service is helpful and nice.

Walls By Me
Vereinigte Staaten
So lange wurde die App verwendet: 9 monate
Bearbeitet am 28. Februar 2020

It saved me time, at least 30 mins each day. Bye bye "cut & paste", Hello automated courier bookings and shipping labels. Notice some cost savings in the rates that is offered for the local Singapore deliveries too.

Soapnut Republic
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15. Oktober 2019

Great App and excellent Customer Services. React to my email within minutes. Definitely recommend to other seller.

IAG Phone
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