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2024년 5월 3일

It's not user friendly for domestic Hong Kong shipping as there's no integration for S.F Pick up location. Also, I need to select insurance or not every time I create a shipment. It will be more user friendly if I can set a default and change if I need to. Also I create a custom box for my shipment as my order is always around the same size and weight, but I need to select the my custom box every time. So overall, it's a lot more hassle than other shipment platform such as Shipany or Oneship.

홍콩(중국 특별행정구)
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2022년 4월 3일

Really wanted to like this app. Was an early adopter but customer service can be so frustrating. Took way too long to hear back from them. Had an issue where Media Mail became a shipping option (their backend issue) and I lost money on shipping. Took customer service too long to address this. And was never offered a refund. Was supposed to have Chat as an option based on my plan but didn't show up whenever I tried to contact them. Clearly I was not a priority.

The Miller Machine
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답글 Easyship개 2022년 4월 22일

Hi there,

We've tried our best to contact you via email over the last few weeks but we're yet to receive a response, is there an email address you would like for us to use?

First of all, in regards to the Media Mail matter, there was a technical issue that resulted in the issues you've described, but this was quickly highlighted and refunds were issued to all of those who were affected.

I apologise that it took us too long to resolve, but unfortunately, this was a complex tech issue that required an investigation and fix from our Development Team.

We're really keen to speak with you and resolve this matter in full, please get back to us at your convenience.

All the best,


2023년 7월 19일에 편집됨

We have been using EasyShip for nearly 3 years. During that time we have had significant challenges (on normal features and while testing beta-features) due to internal and external factors. Our Account Managers (we've had several during that time) have been responsive when these challenges arose and were solution oriented. My advice to anyone considering this service is to learn about setting up shipping rules to best serve your business and customer. If done correctly and thoroughly, everyone's lives are made simple.

While there is a customer service team, any orders sent using a limited or basic tracking courier they're unable to aid in tracking down missing/lost parcels. Pay careful attention to label prices you're paying and what the app is charging your customer.

Overall, EasyShip is a good service with simple integration with our Shopify store.

Route Werks
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2017년 12월 20일

The team is very helpful. They assisted to help set up easy ship on my website and were quick to answer any questions.

Neatfreaks By Sanch
홍콩(중국 특별행정구)
앱 사용 기간 2년 초과
2019년 3월 24일

Easyship has initially been a big help. The pros:
1. pay as you go
2. tracking page with banners
3. Pretty good customer support

We had a problem with a shipment to Malaysia using Fed Ex and they have tried to help clear that up but it has been very slow going and then recently for the past 5 days, we have not been able to use Fed Ex at all with Easyship.

I like what they do offer but I am hoping the other problems we have had will clear up. Just be aware there may be a few problems.

Just Tea, LLC
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2020년 9월 29일에 편집됨

UPDATE - 29 SEPT 2020 - so it turns out that Easyship use totally the wrong HS product codes for international shipments. A shipping app that can't cope with HS Codes??!! Really??? So, even if you have the correct HS Codes for your products in Shopify, Easyship say "due to a technical limitation, the HS code will not always pull through correctly, meaning a discrepancy between the information on Shopify and what is converted to Easyship". This means all your Commercial Invoices will be wrong. Surely getting this right is a comedy basic of any shipping app claiming to be a shipping app??! It's greatly taken the shine off what was a good experience until now...we only found this out because of a parcel getting stopped by customs with a question about a product's HS Code...not ideal!
Unfortunately it also turns out there's no way to update your product listings in Easyship to fix this either...so you are knowingly giving customs the wrong info. Not great. In fact pretty poor. 2ND SEPT 2020
We just installed Easyship to help us manage the UPS shipping process for our UK based store. We're really glad we did!! UPS can't integrate easily (understatement!) so we were having to manually enter every shipment into the UPS website (arrgh). Easyship solved this problem for us relatively easily and now works like a dream. Not only does Easyship make our shipping workflow/paperwork much easier and faster but it also solves our dynamic pricing at checkout so customers automatically see our special UPS shipping rates alongside our Royal Mail rates...awesome! Our only feedback would be that setting it up required quite a lot of research and there were some really helpful (although slightly out of date) videos on the Easyship YouTube channel - and we defo couldn't have done it without these. They steered us in the right direction and we were able to fill in most set-up gaps. What would be really useful is a step-by-step set up video guide for a Shopify Store if someone can make one so that all the set up steps are in one place. We linked to our UPS account and rates really easily and the initial glitch we had with creating labels/UPS tracking was resolved quickly after an online chat with Easyship support - they were super helpful and took time to understand the issue and help us get it fixed and followed up. The system is easily customisable and user friendly. All in all a really good experience - highly recommend. P.S. If we had one request it would be to work on integration with Royal Mail Click & Drop in the UK.

That Pedal Show Store
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2019년 2월 22일에 편집됨

Its a good app just had a couple of problems or bugs at times which lead me to be frustrated to the point where i didn't want to use them again. For example i have shipped my item twice to the same people multiple times. However that only happened when I would upload over 10 orders at the same time. Also they need to fix the the shipping option i have to manually go in there and change the price to the cheapest option available. Im pretty sure that at the beginning of using them i paid more than i should have simply because i was expecting the option that i always pick to automatically update.

Peachberry Athletics
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2020년 4월 30일

In general, I like this app. I did have some significant issues getting it to do what I needed it to and which took quite a while to wring out with tech support. Everyone was friendly and tried to help, but some specialists were not that knowledgeable about the systems, and where things can go wrong. I ended up figuring out some of the settings myself.
One such stumbling block was the "add additional carriers automatically when available" check box in shopify shipping settings - if you're trying to give customers only a select number of shipping options, don't have this selected. It was extremely frustrating to figure this one out and tech support was useless when checkout was displaying all sorts of odd shipping modalities that made no sense.
I'm still having a couple issues:
1. Input Dimensions - doesn't seem to work, at all. I've entered the information multiple times, downloaded it directly from the Shopify side, it exclusively defaults to the padded flat rate envelope dimensions. Tech support has been completely useless in solving this issue, but it's not extremely material as the shipping options I use aren't concerned with overall dimensions. Setup progress in the upper left still isn't complete, and the dimensions are the only item that it says aren't complete, though the information is completely there.
2. System doesn't differentiate between Fedex Ground and Fedex Home, so we often lose $$ when it assumes Ground for Home addresses. Tech support was not helpful with this either. There is a 'residential surcharge' check box, but it doesn't seem functional for FedEx.
3. During the extremely high volume period in the early SIP policy period when web traffic was crazy, this app would consistently fail to download orders on my shopify account. It doesn't appear to have such issues any longer.
4. The shipping rules are a bit odd, but I understand it's programming speak, you can get it to do what you need it to by learning the language.
I did eventually get to a lady who was supremely knowledgeable and helpful, though haven't been able to solve the residential surcharge and dimensions problems.
I have been testing ShippingEasy also and like the format better. BUT, it doesn't support integration with a FedEx account, so I'm not using it.
Easyship seems to do what you need in general.
I'd like to use my own logo for the packing sheet, but haven't figured out how to customize that yet.

앱 사용 기간 대략 1년
2020년 12월 22일

This is an excellent app offering seamless labelling etc. and competitive pricing with top courier firms, if you choose carefully (i.e. not Hermes). I use UPS who are generally considered a quality firm. They have misdirected a few parcels and the largest order I have sent I chose to insure, which I usually don't bother with. Well the insurance claim after UPS delivered it to the wrong address and it disappeared has been a complete farce. Fortunately I have only one insurance claim on the go as I wouldn't have the time or headspace to chase up several....It has been over two months of back and forth emails.
As I said I put the odd cock up from UPS down to what I am not losing through instore pilferage. It would really help if the couriers photographed the door (with GPS coordinates) they are delivering to, instead of grabbing a 'signature' which doesn't really help much.

앱 사용 기간 6개월
2021년 8월 21일에 편집됨

My store is based in the UK and I have just invested a few hours, with the help of Joe from Easyship, to integrate it into my website. Firstly the help was second to none, thank you Joe! The early results are looking good and I'm just waiting on the right details to integrate my own carriers. I feel this will give my customers a better choice of carrier, and hopefully reduce my abandon cart rates. *** Updated - Joe disappeared and I now find the shipping rules inadequate to filter out simple needs. There also seems no way to deal with the new EU IOSS tax system.

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