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2023년 12월 6일

We've been using Easyship for 10 years.
We highly recommend it to any business looking to reach customers worldwide cost-effectively.
The platform continuously improves in terms of UI, features, and solutions that bring you closer to your customers.
After so many years, we are still impressed to be able to ship worldwide from multiple warehouses anywhere we are, with a simple click of a button.
The effort to deliver your creation to the final customer is definitely underrated.
Easyship is a bold statement, but they keep their word.

앱 사용 기간 거의 6년
2023년 10월 17일

I've been using Easyship as my Shopify shipping partner for several months now. I have never had any problems, all the rates are clear, no hidden costs and the shipping costs are very affordable thanks to USPS. Easyship has been proving to be a very reliable partner in every way for more than a year now.

Game Start Studio Store
앱 사용 기간 4개월
답글 Easyship개 2023년 10월 25일

Hi there,

Thanks for the review!

It's great to hear that you're getting the best out of our rates!


2023년 7월 17일

I've been using Easyship for approximately 5 years to send parcels to the US and other international destinations in partnership with a third party broker that carries parcels from Canada to the US for deposit with USPS, UPS, etc. A great deal has improved over the years, but even from the start, Easyship offered the most accurate volumetric rate based system that helped us save so much time by not needing to manually enter the weight or dimensions of every single parcel. With respect to more recent changes, Easyship now has its own in-house insurance system which is easier and faster to use than anything that preceeded it. I'm very happy with Easyship and forsee using it for years to come.

One last thought: i'm hearing impaired and am grateful for the ability to seek support via email instead of being forced into phone calls.

앱 사용 기간 대략 5년
답글 Easyship개 2023년 7월 24일

Thanks for taking the time to provide your feedback, it really means a lot to us. It's great to hear that you're getting the most out of Easyship!

2023년 7월 25일

Easyship has been handling all our orders since early 2022, and our overall experience has been very positive. The logistics industry is complex, so hiccups are inevitable, regardless of the provider, courier, or 3PL you choose. What matters is that Easyship consistently manages such situations in a professional and expedient manner. We are equally impressed with the technological aspect of their platform: the dashboard is user-friendly, the configuration options are flexible, and the integrations (including Shopify rate calculations and order sync) work flawlessly. We greatly value their personalized approach and willingness to adapt to our needs.

One time, in one of our regions, we made the mistake of trying to use Sh*pB*b. This cost us thousands of dollars, resulted in many chargebacks from dissatisfied customers, and imposed an exceptionally high workload on our support department. After making the switch to Easyship, these problems were gone.

Flipper Zero Shop
앱 사용 기간 2년 초과
답글 Easyship개 2023년 8월 10일

Hi there, thank you so much for your feedback!

We're always delighted to hear about a true success story and we're thrilled to be a part of your journey.

All the best,

2024년 2월 22일

I quite like it. Much better experience than buying labels directly from UPS etc...

There is one thing I would really appreciate if you improved it:

It would be great if the customs declaration could be made more 'versatile'. It seems there is no way to enter "Gift" or any other type of shipment. It is always 'Merchandise'. Also the Item description is way too short. for example, sometimes it is necessary to add "no commercial value" or "warranty replacement" etc...So a few more lines would be great.

Keep up the good work!

Beolover Store
2023년 6월 28일

We transitioned to Easyship from Shipstation and it's made shipping so much easier for our warehouse staff. The setup was very simple and interface is very easy to navigate.

The one problem we had was you had to create a shipping rule literally for every thing whereas Easyship natively handles most of the heavy lifting for you with it's rate shopping to easily help find the cheapest shipping option as well as the ideal package size (previously in Shipstation we had to create 10+ shipping rules to get this to run anywhere close to Easyship's automation).

We also thoroughly enjoy having the live chat customer service if there's any challenges along the way as well as our customer service manager, Conor, has been invaluable in helping us overcome a couple small challenges in the set up process. Conor was extremely quick to reply with any of our email inquiries and helped us bring a resolution quickly from the Easyship team.

We give them 5 stars all the way for living up to their name, Easyship, as it's saved so many headaches for our shipping team to get our shipments out quickly and easily.

The Grind Athletics
앱 사용 기간 9개월
답글 Easyship개 2023년 7월 24일

Thanks for taking the time to share this feedback, we're really happy you're enjoying using Easyship and that you're having a great experience with Conor!

2023년 5월 30일

Love everything about Easyship!! Makes my day al lot easier to print and just
get through or collabs very fast.

Customer service is always there a click away. Totally recommend!!!

앱 사용 기간 2년 초과
답글 Easyship개 2023년 5월 31일

Thanks for your review, it's great to hear you're getting the best out of the app!

All the best,


2023년 3월 10일

Our shipping process have been greatly enhanced since we started using Easyship six years ago. Their customer service team is excellent, and we receive prompt responses from them. The platform is clean and straightforward and provides essential and useful features. They have tremendous growth potential if they take customers' feature requests and feedback seriously. All in all, very little complain. We highly recommend Easyship!

앱 사용 기간 거의 4년
답글 Easyship개 2023년 3월 20일

Thanks for the feedback!

It's great to hear you've had such a good experience with our customer support team.

We know there are always things we can do better and we're always eager to get our clients' feedback on how we can improve, so please keep it coming!

All the best,


2023년 3월 16일

We have been using Easyship over a year. It has been helpful for us and easy to use.

Their customer support has always been helpful as well. There is not a perfect app for everything. Of course sometimes there are bugs, missing parcels and shipment adjustment fee. Customer service do alwasy reply and try to help us the most they could.

In all, very little complain. considering how handy this app has been for our business. Do recommend a try to see if it works for you.

Weber Workshops
앱 사용 기간 1년 초과
답글 Easyship개 2023년 3월 20일

Thank you for the feedback!

It's great that you've had a good experience with our customer support team.

We understand there's always room for improvement and we will continue to strive to be the best shipping app out there.

All the best,


2023년 3월 7일

While the app isn't without it's issues, it has been very good for us. It has all the features we need plus some since we ship so many varying sized products. Their customer support has always been solid as well. All in all, very little complain about especially considering how necessary this app has been for our business.

Lethal Gaming Gear
앱 사용 기간 1년 초과
답글 Easyship개 2023년 3월 20일

Thank you for your feedback!

Glad to hear you're happy with our support, and while we understand that we're not perfect, we're doing everything in our power to make sure that one day we will be!

All the best,