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Data de edição: 16 de maio de 2024


16/05: The Easyship team reached out, following up on this review, showing their responsiveness to user feedback about their service. I'm thrilled to confirm that they've made the A6 label printing feature free, a significant step towards aligning their service with current market standards. Additionally, they offered to review our latest insurance claim, and after discussions with their broker/insurance partner, they finally approved and refunded the associated cost. While we're delighted with the outcome, it's worth noting they categorized it as a commercial gesture, so I can't guarantee a global change in service quality at that level.

Nevertheless, their willingness to improve quality of service in 2024 and their active engagement with clients is commendable progress. Let's hope they're committed not only to addressing negative feedback but also to enhancing their overall service. Feel free to share any new reviews.

Once innovative with excellent customer service, but now nowhere close to that. The interface is clumsy and confusing, and they seem focused on making your life difficult to enforce their $49/month plan. I would have never imagined that printing an A6 format in 2024 would require a $49/month subscription. These guys are simply out of touch with their market since late 2022, based in the US and totally in the clouds. You'd be better off using Interparcel, FastCourier, etc., which offer direct plugins and don't charge monthly fees to print an A6. Oh, and as a new addition since 2023: customer service is now hiding behind the fact that the courier doesn't offer live tracking. Basically, despite having tracking, if you use the normal service, Easyship will not help you anymore if the package isn't delivered. For that, they've created an extra service at an extra cost. It's very fishy, and in the end, they offer less than the normal carrier directly. Finally, don't bother insuring your package, as their insurance team in the US is dedicated to taking weeks to answer you and fully involved in doing everything not to pay the claim... I assume the insurance company being in the US doesn't care too much about Australian Consumer Rights.

Eyefood Factory Australia
Mais de 3 anos usando o app
6 de maio de 2024

Haven't started using it on Shopify so we cannot comment.

Estados Unidos
Aproximadamente 1 mês usando o app
19 de setembro de 2017

A functional and handy app to have on your site to solve your delivery needs, might just require some fine tuning on the backend regarding the ease of usage. Overall still a great app, plus as it is free of charge there really isnt much more to complain about!

Keep Wear
Quase 3 anos usando o app
Data de edição: 29 de julho de 2020

I have been using Easyship for 8 months now and overall I find the app great! The dashboard is very easy to use and they are always looking to improve and adding new features. I have found their customer service has dropped off over the last few months, which I can understand but sometimes it can take 5-6 emails to just get a response.

The biggest area for me where they need to improve is the link between their warehouse partners & Shopify, I have to go in and manually update my stock every month to make sure inventory is correct.

I would defiantly recommend Easyship to any start-up, even with the few issues mentioned above, they have been a great tool to help me launch my brand.

Earned Athletic
Hong Kong, RAE da China
Mais de 2 anos usando o app
Data de edição: 26 de agosto de 2019

What a useful app to help us find the best solutions for shipping our orders. We can sort by the lowest rate or the fastest, and the interface is pretty easy to use.

I just wish the site were better optimized for mobile!

Hong Kong, RAE da China
Aproximadamente 2 anos usando o app
Data de edição: 11 de fevereiro de 2019

Using this app on delight.com.sg to ship to Singapore local market and the overseas market too. App is good in providing competitive quotations from many shipping service providers. However there are many glitches in the app - many times pick up fails, not much help is available if goods get lost in transit. Fails to quote sometimes. Repeat order or single order creating requires quite some of manual data entry. But still, the app is usable and solves some problems. delight.com.sg

Mais de 1 ano usando o app
19 de setembro de 2019

Takes out the guesswork for shipping, so that we dont overcharge or undercharge our customers, shortens our processing time.

The Panic Room
Mais de 1 ano usando o app
Data de edição: 17 de setembro de 2019

Easyship helped to streamline my shipping needs and made international a whole lot easier. It's easy to use and support is great, I would recommend it for anyone new to Shopify and wants to simplify their shipping.
However I wish it works/integrates better with the Oberlo app. I have some dropshipping items that don't work with the Easyship app. It would be great if it had more options for a mix of dropshipping and adding of adhoc couriers.

Mais de 1 ano usando o app
10 de outubro de 2017

So far so good. I've been using it for my local + international orders for my Singapore Souvenirs online shop.

Quick and responsible customer support.

Great offerings from couriers and JIT quotations are perfect for my e-commerce.

Thank you Easyship!

P.S Would be 5+++ stars if you guys could figure out an affordable C.O.D option for local deliveries.

Sg Style
Mais de 1 ano usando o app
15 de outubro de 2019

Great App and excellent Customer Services. React to my email within minutes. Definitely recommend to other seller.

IAG Phone
Hong Kong, RAE da China
11 meses usando o app