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Easyship has been providing us with shipping solutions for over five years now.

The platform is user-friendly and integrates seamlessly with various e-commerce sites. Shipping rates are customized for each parcel, which is especially valuable for handling non-standard cargo. The intuitive dashboard offers a comprehensive overview of all shipments, tracking information, and delivery statuses. Over the years, Easyship has simplified many procedures to be more customer-friendly, like making the insurance claims process very intuitive (though thankfully, these cases are rare).

The customer support team is responsive and helpful, with special thanks to our customer success manager, Chris, who is our main point of contact for any customizations or improvements we need.

If you want to make your shipping logistics easy and efficient, Easyship is definitely the right platform to choose.

Emlid Store US
使用應用程式 7個月


16/05: The Easyship team reached out, following up on this review, showing their responsiveness to user feedback about their service. I'm thrilled to confirm that they've made the A6 label printing feature free, a significant step towards aligning their service with current market standards. Additionally, they offered to review our latest insurance claim, and after discussions with their broker/insurance partner, they finally approved and refunded the associated cost. While we're delighted with the outcome, it's worth noting they categorized it as a commercial gesture, so I can't guarantee a global change in service quality at that level.

Nevertheless, their willingness to improve quality of service in 2024 and their active engagement with clients is commendable progress. Let's hope they're committed not only to addressing negative feedback but also to enhancing their overall service. Feel free to share any new reviews.

Once innovative with excellent customer service, but now nowhere close to that. The interface is clumsy and confusing, and they seem focused on making your life difficult to enforce their $49/month plan. I would have never imagined that printing an A6 format in 2024 would require a $49/month subscription. These guys are simply out of touch with their market since late 2022, based in the US and totally in the clouds. You'd be better off using Interparcel, FastCourier, etc., which offer direct plugins and don't charge monthly fees to print an A6. Oh, and as a new addition since 2023: customer service is now hiding behind the fact that the courier doesn't offer live tracking. Basically, despite having tracking, if you use the normal service, Easyship will not help you anymore if the package isn't delivered. For that, they've created an extra service at an extra cost. It's very fishy, and in the end, they offer less than the normal carrier directly. Finally, don't bother insuring your package, as their insurance team in the US is dedicated to taking weeks to answer you and fully involved in doing everything not to pay the claim... I assume the insurance company being in the US doesn't care too much about Australian Consumer Rights.

Eyefood Factory Australia
使用應用程式 3年多

I made a test door-to-door shipment with this company on february, 16 from US to Mexico. Delivery time was specified 6-8 working days. After more than month of waiting my package I thought that I need to forget about my package but unexpectedly I received it after 46 days, on april 4th. Better is later than never.

使用應用程式 5個月

I quite like it. Much better experience than buying labels directly from UPS etc...

There is one thing I would really appreciate if you improved it:

It would be great if the customs declaration could be made more 'versatile'. It seems there is no way to enter "Gift" or any other type of shipment. It is always 'Merchandise'. Also the Item description is way too short. for example, sometimes it is necessary to add "no commercial value" or "warranty replacement" etc...So a few more lines would be great.

Keep up the good work!

Beolover Store
使用應用程式 2個月

It's not user friendly for domestic Hong Kong shipping as there's no integration for S.F Pick up location. Also, I need to select insurance or not every time I create a shipment. It will be more user friendly if I can set a default and change if I need to. Also I create a custom box for my shipment as my order is always around the same size and weight, but I need to select the my custom box every time. So overall, it's a lot more hassle than other shipment platform such as Shipany or Oneship.

使用應用程式 11天

When the package lost, Easyship didn't get positive response and following up actions on the case, even I've sent several emails to support@easyship.com

Par-Tee Golf
使用應用程式 大約2個月

Easyship's customer service is GREAT! Resolves problem promptly and swiftly even via emails!

lagom kids
使用應用程式 5年多

Easy and effective always

Milagrosa Single Estate Coffee
使用應用程式 3個月

Degraded quality of platform, and MIA chat support for 3+ year account. Easyship at the beginning of my ecom startup was great, had supportive account reps and overall chat support was great (shoutout to Tracie Harper, 10/10 chat agent). Over the past year, I noticed lots of admin changes which lead to huge changes to support and overall the reach with my account. Every week there would be some issue caused with an order being misplaced, improper address verification, and lots and lots of fees being tagged onto my account due to incorrect address validation done in communication with Shopify and Easyship. Recently, I decided to give up on this platform and exercise my options for a dedicated carrier account. Fortunately, I was provided with one and made the right decision to shift my logistics over to Shipstation and Zonos fulfillment. Both platforms have had nothing but great feedback, and these platforms are progressing in such a great way that I am at the point of hopping away. Easyship was once an "easy" platform, but they have become so difficult to work with that I would recommend new small businesses to use Shipstation as your 3rd party fulfillment. Shipstation support is tremendously better and they are quick to respond to you. I am not at a massive scale but being respected still by a platform like Shipstation shows they care. Do not use this app, stay away and go to Shipstation for domestic and use Zonos for international orders!

使用應用程式 大約3年

I would definiely recommend not to use. They charge you for basic features other softwares offer for free. They incentivize you with a 30$ credit if you connect your shopify store but you don't actually receive the credit. Support is literally non-existent. Sent 3 messages only got 1 reply 3 days later.

Vibrant Sea
使用應用程式 9天