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eBay Importer

eBay Importer

Developed by Shopify

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  • Import your eBay products on to Shopify
  • Supports active, scheduled, and unsold products
  • Handles product images, variations, and categories automatically

Thinking of creating an own online shop to sell your eBay products?

Shopify can help you do that and we've built an app that will automatically copy your eBay products over to Shopify!

The eBay Importer is an app that will copy active, scheduled and unsold items, product variations, images and categories into your Shopify store.

eBay Importer reviews (48)




doesn't work


What good is shopify if I am using it to import from ebay? SKU numbers are not imported!!!!! I AM NOT LOOKING FOR A NIGHTMARE! I like to find my items so I can ship them.

How is this product offering ebays sellers a service WITHOUT the SKU's working.

I had a Chat with a Customer Support Rep at Shopify and he told me this was a known problem. Another poor service for ebay sellers. LOL

I gave 2 stars because some of it does work.


Imports fine. No categories available. Pointless


Fat lot of use this is - imports everything including the sold and on sale. No filtering so to me it's a useless app.


Imported everything even sold items needs to have a filter on this to choose which items to import


Oh... it works... it'll import just fine. HOWEVER, it simply imports everything, no filtering, syncing, updating, etc. and does so as VISIBLE IN STORE. So if you have existing products in the store which are already on eBay, they're duplicated. Errors in the import.... good luck tracking them down while customers see and/or purchase from the listing. "Don't worry, you can cancel afterwards"? No. you can cancel while it's importing and everything already imported will remain imported. This app is a nightmare for most of those who will be seeking to use it. Download the CSV from eBay, upload and import instead.


Worked like a charm!


Nothing go imported at all!


Nothing happened.


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