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eBay Importer

eBay Importer

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  • Import your eBay products on to Shopify
  • Supports active, scheduled, and unsold products
  • Handles product images, variations, and categories automatically

Thinking of creating an own online shop to sell your eBay products?

Shopify can help you do that and we've built an app that will automatically copy your eBay products over to Shopify!

The eBay Importer is an app that will copy active, scheduled and unsold items, product variations, images and categories into your Shopify store.

eBay Importer reviews (30)


Better than starting from scratch!


*Needs to be able to check for items that are already imported so you don't get duplicate items as this is really bad if you have 1000 products.

*Needs to be able to important larger images and more lengthy descriptions cuts them off quiet regularly.

*Need to be able to select which products you import instead of just allow of them.


Doesn't work same error and i really need this app


Worked on initial installation when signing up but that was the last time. Now going on a week and still only get "The page you were looking for doesn't exist." messages. It does not work, so no stars.


Very Clever App. Well Done Guys. Shopify do better when we, the store owners do. As an Ebay power seller, with over 30,000 ebay products. This pulls down all creating a collection exactly matching ebay classification criteria (not dissimilar to google classification) This will surly be great for SEO. So what if you have to rethink all your navigation, you have to keep perfecting your shop. its worth it :)


Reading some other reviews giving this app a really hard time - any issues listed below are easily solved with abit of common sense. (a simple export of your products, filter through and bulk amend. Re-upload. sorted.) The reviews put me off so i tried other apps before this. don't waist your time. This is the app you want.


I get a different number of listings each time I delete/import. Missinag about 400 listings. Does not import crucial items such as my sound sample player link. This is NOT a reliable function for a "business" app which charges monthly fees and attaches itself to your eBay business. Just disappointing and awful. Back to square one after many wasted hours.


This app is good overall if you dont mind deleting all your items on shopify and re-import everything and that everytime you add a new item on eBay.

The only feature missing from that app is:
1-The option to only import new items or filter duplicate.
2-Auto synchronise with eBay every X time and import new items.

Other than that that app is awesome!


Great, easy to use app. Would be excellent if SKUs would import from ebay.


Works decent. Nothing too awesome...


I think this importer is just about perfect. Unlike others I don't want my importer doing crazy complicated things.. Just bring the products into my store and don't do anything to my previous listings OR my ebay settings. I've used a highwire importer that tried to overcomplicate things and it modified my ebay listings in a bad way. Shopify has it right! It's not hard to delete duplicate listings in bulk people so stop complaining about a non-problem. The only thing I would improve is that it would be nice for them to give you an option to choose to select which products you want to import - for example if you have a starter store you can't import more than 25 so if you have more ebay listings than that the importer tries to import them all and crashes at 25. It would be better to allow you to select the 25 listings you want. Even for non-starter accounts I'm sure sometimes people only want to import specific listings to their store.


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