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eBay Importer

eBay Importer

Developed by Shopify

85 reviews
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  • Import your eBay products on to Shopify
  • Supports active, scheduled, and unsold products
  • Handles product images, variations, and categories automatically

Thinking of creating an own online shop to sell your eBay products?

Shopify can help you do that and we've built an app that will automatically copy your eBay products over to Shopify!

The eBay Importer is an app that will copy active, scheduled and unsold items, product variations, images and categories into your Shopify store.

eBay Importer reviews (85)


Well, it saved me tons of time transferring all my ads to Shopify, but it's made up for it somewhat in the issues I've had since the transfer:

1. No inventory update: if I sell an item on eBay or modify the description, the ad on Shopify will not refresh. So sold items are still buyable in my shop (and I can't sell them! I dont have them anymore.....) and the improved ads are not mirrored on Shopify.
2. Import function will import items already sold on eBay. Again items are in my shop that I can't sell.
3. Since this app doesn't update modifications, I tried doing manual imports so that the ads will appear in Shopify as they do in eBay. But every last ad + ads for deleted and sold items will all import again, creating multiple ads of one unique item. Then I have to go in and delete 50 items by hand.
4. And there are more problems that I dont have the energy or will to list. So I won't. Shopify uses this neglected and half-formed app as a selling point and for that I give a big thumbs down to Shopify.


the e bay import did not work well at all, the format on all my e bay listings are large text and full screens when imported the text was only showing on half the page looked awful and was totally useless since this seems like it is only a website anyway then i don't need to spend Hours making it look right as i have a website that i spent hundreds of hours and lots of $$$ on... so i bailed due to the importing frustration.


It does not work with HTML, so my imports look terrible. Wish is could just pull my description and be compatible but I don't see a way to do that...


Did a great job of importing my ebay listings. Thanks


The eBay API was having an issue with the picture importer. I reached out (as did many others) and they were SO ON TOP OF IT! The best f'ing customer service ever. And now the issue is fixed, which is amazing.


I love the idea of being able to import my eBay items on to my website, and if that's all you want to do then this is app worked great for that.

However I would like more control over it importing auction price vs. buy it now prices. Currently it imports just the auction price, meaning since I start a lot of my auctions off at .99 cents, I would be selling the item on my website for .99 cents and not the buy it now price. Yes I can adjust pricing etc. through my website, but with potentially 5000 auctions going on each month, I would have to dedicate a good amount of my time to manage the ever changing auctions going on each week after importing to the website.

Plus it does not import sizing, etc. for clothing or shipping fees you have set from eBay. You have to manually reset these as well.

Basic Importer... nothing more nothing less


Need a lot of work to convert and fix all issues on the imported data. Idea is very great, results still average.


I asked support to look into the problem, they did and confirmed the app problem. A fews days later, it was fixed and works great again. All pictures import fine now. Thank you Shopify Support!



Same problem : it doesn't import images from Ebay. May be Ebay changed something and they didn't follow it. Support team is still feeling their way though the dark, meanwhile they are managing this kind of tickets as 'normal priority' and the only feedback I received are (1) we hope to improve it soon (2) please use the csv import. Unfortunately my pics are on Ebay so I suppose they are still not able to read the pictures on Ebay also using a csv file. It seems an abandoned utility. If anyone knows a similar app (import from ebay feature) that haven't this problem, please contact me at info@dreamsofpaper.com. I'm interested also if the app will be not free. Thank you.


Frustrated, and dead in the water at this point! Photos did not upload with the listings so I completely undid the import and imported again . Still no photos. Really hoping this is a temporary problem . I need to get this store up and running since I am paying a monthly fee for it. Also ,I really need a way to filter out what I don't want to transfer over here. I don't want unsold listings or auctions here.i just want BINs, and images. Also need sync when changes are made on eBay BIN listings. Will come back and update review later if I ever find this app usable.



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