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14 février 2024

I think like many other apps they failed in providing a simple solution of JUST sync price x quantity for products matching SKUs.

The only way the system working is either by import from Ebay to Shopify or export from Shopify to Ebay, on both solutions you open your store products to be manipulated by them, what is terrible risk if you synchronize several marketplaces.

I also dislike the permissions, I think request to much access.

2 jours d’utilisation de l’application
Digital Product Labs a répondu 16 février 2024

Hello Ana,

While we embrace feedback I don’t think it’s fair to place a 1 star review on our app while you haven’t used it but inquired about your use case after installation which is not advertised as one of its functions.

Our app only asks for permissions needed for the app to function. I see you have added 8 similar 1 star reviews on other connector apps with the same concerns. I think it would be better to realise connector apps need these to function as advertised and if that’s unacceptable for you keep the process manual.

22 mars 2024

Not great for me - This product will import all products from shopify including archived products and products not live on the website making it really hard to use.
There is a chat support feature but no-one is there to speak to you so all in all not a great service for me.

Hollies Haberdashery
15 minutes d’utilisation de l’application
Digital Product Labs a répondu 2 mai 2024

Hello Sarah, we're sorry we missed your chat at that moment. We're happy to help you out to ensure you're able to sell successfully on Ebay. Please reply our emails or accept our call in order to do so.