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Redigert 7. januar 2024

I'm not Happy with this product.
I originally had the eBay supported version of this app and it worked great.
When ebay stopped that App I started using this one.
When I first looked at it it appeared like everything had connected as was working well.
But then listing quantities wouldn't sync but some would.
Some eBay sales would come through and others wouldn't
The support team have been good but the App doesn't work as it should.
It tells you that everything is fine but then doesn't sync product details, sales, quantities etc.

I have found that to get it to work correctly. I need to delete an eBay listing completely and then upload it with the App.

Its a long winded exercise and sometimes I have had to do it a few times and get Tech Support involved.

But then occasionally sales don't Sync with shopify.

The developer still has a lot of work to do, but from what I can see this is the best option for eBay integrations which is disappointing.

If you want to use this App, don't do what I did and expect it to detect all your eBay listings and sync from them.
Be prepared to delete and relist all your items.
But also be diligent and check ebay sales as if there is a sync error there is no way of telling on Shopify or ebay. You need to keep checking the App.

I hope the App Developer will take these suggestions on board and make it more reliable.

Uneek Poultry
Rundt 1 år bruker appen
Redigert 5. desember 2023

Overall it does the job but there are bugs. Prices sync near real time which is great, but stock levels can sometimes take a while to sync or even not sync at all which causes oversell.

Rundt 1 måned bruker appen
5. september 2023

Only works with products that have SKUs. If you make and sell your own products this app won’t work. I wasn’t able to verify that it does anything because of that limitation.

3D UP Fitters
8 måneder bruker appen
Redigert 3. august 2023

First review: Yep, a bit confusing at first, but online help was excellent and sorted out initial issues quickly. Happy so far ...

Update Aug 2023: Inventory updates have stopped working! Not sure if this has something to do with emails I recieved "advising" that I should upgrade from a free account to a paid account (if I didn't, my free plan would be "limited"), but very frustrating and impacting my customers, and livelihood...

XLR8 Performance Bicycle Wheels
7 måneder bruker appen
CedCommerce svarte 12. april 2023

Hello XLR8 Performance Bicycle Wheels,
Thank you for sharing your experience with this product. It's not uncommon for new products to have a bit of a learning curve, but it's great to hear that the online help was excellent and able to quickly resolve any initial issues you had Having a responsive and helpful online support system can make a huge difference in the overall experience of using a new product. I'm glad to hear that your initial issues were sorted out quickly and that you're happy with the product so far.
Best Regards,
Team Cedcommerce.

8. mars 2023

App does not synch with shopify, i kept selling items on my shopify store that would not be removed from ebay. i then contacted customer support many times and despite spending many hours on live chat the problem was never resolved. this has cost me quite a lot of money over the last few months and i will be looking for a more reliable piece of software, dissapointed.

Love Corals
3 måneder bruker appen
CedCommerce svarte 23. mars 2023

Hello Love Corals,

I'm also sorry to hear that despite reaching out to our customer support team several times, the issue was not resolved, and it cost you a lot of money over the last few months. This is unacceptable, and we will investigate the matter to ensure it doesn't happen again in the future. We value your feedback and will work hard to improve our app and customer support services. If there is anything we can do to assist you further or make things right, please don't hesitate to contact our customer support team. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, and we apologize again for the inconvenience caused.

Best Regards,
Team Cedcommerce.