eBay Marketplace Integration

eBay Marketplace Integration

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Effortlessly sell on eBay to improvise sales

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Easy eBay bulk Listing

The process of manually filling information every time after adding a new product is now removed by profile-based bulk products upload.

Real-time Syncing

Auto syncing of catalogue information such as title, inventory, pricing and order details is favorable for easy selling on eBay.

Flexible Templates

Change the information of item(s) related to inventory, category, title and pricing in an effortless way with the help of templates.

Acerca de eBay Marketplace Integration

eBay Marketplace integration app helps sellers to seamlessly sell on eBay by simplifying their hectic processes like product management, order management, inventory management, and price management into a piece of cake. The app supports all the available countries and eBay-motors to allow sellers, selling from Shopify/Shopify Plus store to eBay.

  • Note: If you are already selling on ebay, can link your existing ebay listing with the app

Several functions of the eBay Integration app are described below to give you a sneak-peek of our app-

1. Easy to use:

  • Shopify eBay Integration app is designed in such a way that anyone running a Shopify/Shopify Plus store can easily use it.
  • Considering the layout to be simple and comprehensive, the app interface is easy to understand.

2. Profile-based product upload:

  • Shopify eBay Integration app allows sellers to group their products on the basis of different product properties.
  • Profiling helps us to select policies & templates as per need.

3. Manageable templates:

  • Templates are used for easy edit or update of the essential details of the products while transferring from Shopify/Shopify Plus to eBay.
  • Sellers can create templates specifically for pricing, inventory, category, and title through which they can perform bulk actions on all the products of a template, which will also prevent repetition while filling information for a certain type of product.

4. Supports business policy:

  • Sellers on eBay required to have a business policy, thus, the eBay integration app supports sellers to create their own business policy or fetch & update their old ones.

5. Inventory management:

  • Shopify eBay integration app syncs inventory in almost real-time.
  • This means that the number of products on Shopify and eBay will remain the same which prevents you from overselling.
  • Threshold Value: Whenever the product reaches this inventory value on eBay, the product will get Out of Stock.

6. Price management:

  • Fixed/Auction: Can set your listing in the fixed price and auction format.
  • Customize the product pricing by percentage or a fixed value.

7. Order management:

  • The app helps to convey the details of orders received on eBay to create them on Shopify.
  • The app even syncs order fulfilment details from Shopify to eBay.

8. GSP supports:

  • eBay offers the global shipping program to its customers, which is also supported by this Shopify eBay integration app.

9. Others:

  • Currency converter: Convert Shopify currency in which products to appear on eBay, depending on the location.
  • Custom Description: Can design custom HTML codes for Products for ebay.
  • Set Meta-Fields on eBay: Import meta-fields from Shopify and set them as item specifics of products on eBay.

Se integra con

  • ShipStation,
  • ShipWorks,
  • eBay

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  • Manage eBay Product Listings: 50 One-Time Credits

  • Manage Orders: 10 One-Time Credits

  • All Listed Features Available

  • Non Transferrable Credits



Se factura $199 una vez al año

  • Manage eBay Product Listings: 2000 Credits/year

  • Manage Orders: 500 Credits/year

  • All Listed Features Available

  • Transferrable Credits



o $33.25/mes se factura $399 una vez al año

  • Manage eBay Product Listings: 5000 Credits/year

  • Manage Orders: 3000 Credits/year

  • All Listed Features Available

  • Transferrable Credits



o $41.58/mes se factura $499 una vez al año

  • Manage eBay Product Listings: 10000 Credits/year

  • Manage Orders: 5000 Credits/year

  • All Listed Features Available

  • Transferrable Credits

* Todos los cargos se facturan en USD. Los cargos recurrentes, incluidos los costos mensuales o los cargos basados en el uso, se facturan cada 30 días.

4.9 con 5 estrellas

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Reseñas más recientes

LMG Style

Love the customer service. After struggling with the free eBay integration app for about a month and endless calls and emails to eBay with no luck, I've decided to try this app, and I couldn't be happier with it. Totally recommending it!


I moved off of shopify native import because I wanted the ability to use templates. This app has a free trial, unfortunately when you map your existing products the existing listings count against said trial, so if you have > 50 products on ebay you basically have to pay to try. The one feature I'm looking for - ability to add products using an html template is an option (it's kinda hidden but there). Awesome, let me test it out on a single product. Oops slight issue with my template html, let me try again... Heres where things went to garbage. The app also has the ability to list all your products to ebay at once. The button to do all this must have been designed by a UI expert because its right there in front of you and super accidentally clickable, about an inch above the button that syncs the single product you have checked, and it barely has a confirmation dialog. So thats how I found myself accidentally running a 2 hour, 3500 product job to put listings into a single ebay category, FML. It started erroring out a few minute / 50 products in, when I hit my eBay listing limits. I've never been so happy to see an error, especially because support told me they did not have the ability to cancel the job. One of the reasons it hit my listing limit was it decided to reimport tens of thousands of dollars worth or products that already existed on ebay (with identical skus) which it has not mapped correctly for some reason. Support was unhelpful in finding the root cause there, but when given a sku they were able to repeatedly disregard my instructions and used one of my app credits to create a copy of said sku on eBay. All an all I hope this app will get the job done. But its clunky and painful to use, the UI is poorly thought out and reaching out to their support was an experience in frustration. Its up in the air right now.


Service client, le chat est vraiment génial, très efficace très efficace le Service client, le chat