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1. This app can fail to import orders from ebay sometimes
2. It doesn't support eBay subtitle
3. You can't change you listing from ebay
4. You can't change your item's location unless you unpublish your listing
5. Any update/change to the listing will disrupt your ebay marketing campaign
6. Customer can't write reviews under listings created by this app

Spirit Gear Central

Several times, this app has failed to import Ebay orders into Shopify and caused us to miss orders. Terrible

Developer reply

September 13, 2019

Sorry to hear about the order sync issue you've experienced Spirit Gear Central. Please reach out to our team at help@connecteBaysupport.com for assistance, we'd be happy to help!

Curtain Rod Connection

Unable to publish due to error message saying my email is incorrect in regards to paypal (which it is not) Ebay says it's not a problem on their part, it's a shopify issue. They gave me the Shopify support number and I"m still waiting for them to return my call! Aggravating to say the least!

Developer reply

September 13, 2019

Curtain Rod Connection, this is not a Shopify issue, it is related to some part of your seller or PayPal account not being set up or connected properly to eBay yet. I would recommend removing the PayPal connection on eBay and then re-connecting to see if that helps. If it does not, please reach out to our team at help@connecteBaysupport.com for further assistance. Thank you!

Wobbly Wheel Bicycles

This app is a POS. Cannot connect support sucks. Should have went with big commerce. Try getting help nothing.

Developer reply

September 9, 2019

Sorry to hear you're having trouble connecting. Please reach out directly to us at help@connecteBaysupport.com for assistance. Thank you!


Not working at all. Giving an error saying email is wrong even though it is correct. Is this being supported?

Developer reply

September 9, 2019

Hi buyitmate! Sorry to hear about the problem you're experiencing using the channel in Shopify. Please reach out to us at help@connecteBaysupport.com and we'd be happy to help!

CJC Metals

I would stay far away from this app. They have no incentive to support it, and support is abysmal. I tried and tried to work with them on it, and its always finger pointing back to either eBay to Shopify. I really wanted this app to work.
Issues: Constant price discrepancies between eBay and Shopify. Items get out of sync, and they will not sync again unless each eBay listing is touched to manually sync. Impossible when you run around 1k listings. I would change a price on Shopify and the price simply does not change on eBay. This is especially important to my store because I sell a lot of precious metals.
When you are trying to pull in eBay catalog data, the interface only works about half the time, and either errors or spins the other half.
There are other issues but right now I have to find another solution to get my stuff fixed.

Costume Rebel

This app is a DISASTER. Do not link your ebay listings with shopify with shared or connected inventory. It is full of errors. Connected listings disconnect on their own, people cant check out, all of the sudden items show out of stock when they are not without us even changing anything. We have lost THOUSANDS of dollars due to error after error where people cannot checkout on ebay or cannot add to cart. We are down 75% due to this app. All the errors affected our THRIVING ebay store. AFTER A YEAR of working with this ebay app to try to fix it just keeps happening even following all their instructions. We dont even know when something has errors because sometimes its just one size of the clothing that doesn't work etc. Its terrible and has destroyed our business. Trying to get help now with them is like pulling hair, they dont even know how to disconnect from shopify without possibly ending all our ebay listings that have hundreds or thousands of sales.

ROF Clothing

So many of problems.
Especially, the product image section, we can't assign multi images to each variants, it's causing when customer choose a color, it shows just one image.
Also, it shows all the images and main image that I uploaded with the assigned images for the variants, It's causing to show a lots of duplicate images on the eBay product page. If we remove the images then the variants images that assigned are gone.

They should fix these problems or make like Amazon or allow to revise the list on eBay.

Developer reply

August 21, 2019

Hi ROF Clothing, thank you for your detailed review. We've taken note of the concerns you've shared and have forwarded them to our engineering team for review.

Please feel free to reach out to our team at help@connecteBaysupport.com with any additional questions or concerns.

Bass Essentials and More

This app is useless now. eBay made changes to their API and this app doesn't support the additional required fields so the listing you create in Shopify never get scene by the buyers. eBay is responsible for this app support and didn't even make changes to support their own changes. Our sales are down 80% because of this app. STAY AWAY.

Developer reply

August 14, 2019

Thank you for giving us feedback on your experience! I'd like to learn more about the non-supported required fields issue you've run into to see if we can help to resolve the problem. Please feel free to reach out at your convenience to me by emailing sheryl@connecteBaysupport.com


I am so upset about this app. You can create listing using Shopify to push to eBay. Wonderful right? But you cannot update the listing on eBay and must do it on Shopify? Only problem is that the Shopify tool does NOT have all the same features. For example, when I try to update the listing on Shopify for Ebay I get an error that I need to add a manufacturer name; yet that field isn't provided. I can't update on eBay because it tells me to update it Shopify. It's utterly frustrating and now I gotta redo all my listings that I did using Shopify, lose all my history, and spend hours chasing my tale just so I can update quantities on my listings. Avoid this nightmare and just don't use this app. I reached out to the Shopify/eBay team and this was their response:


eBay is no longer allowing revisions at the listing level, directly on eBay, when using 3rd party apps that use eBay's new inventory API.

When this error is returned by eBay, you are not able to revise the listing directly on eBay. You are able to revise it from the tool that had been used to publish it to eBay.

If you are no longer using the sales channel with in Shopify the listings would need to be ended and then launched as new in order to edit them from eBay.

Thank you
Connect eBay Support Team


Developer reply

August 14, 2019

asylumzone I'm sorry you've run into some frustrating issues using the eBay channel in Shopify. I'd like to learn more about the problems you've faced. Please feel free to reach out me directly at any time at Sheryl@connecteBaysupport.com

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