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Shop of Thomas Vasas Photography & Art

App is fine to use, but beware of Ebay. If you don't play buy there rules, they will suspend your selling account if customer complains about product damage, Ebay does not help the sellers, the seller gets crucified and the customer gets want they want, by taking money from the seller, and Ebay collects all the fees. if use this App, caution at will. Ebay suspend my selling privilges.

Developer reply

April 11, 2019

Thank you for giving us feedback on your experience.

The Eco Penguin

Found it EXTREMELY frustrating to get it to work, there is no procedure provided and you keep getting error messages

Developer reply

March 20, 2019

Thank you for your feedback. We are looking into the issue you reported directly to our team and hope to resolve it promptly.


Be very careful before using this app In theory, the app which purports to be developed by eBay (it is not), should work well. I installed it originally to sync all of my listings from Shopify and eBay. This worked fine but there are some pretty big issues with it.

Firstly, it does not support custom eBay templates which means that all of your previous listing templates will go to waste, and will not load properly if you incorporated CSS elements in them. Secondly, once you link the items, you will no longer be able to amend the templates using 3rd party software and also directly on eBay due to eBay's API rules. Thirdly, even after you disconnect the items and your store, or unlink your products, your product will be marked as an inventory-managed product and you will not be able to further amend the item on eBay or otherwise. In fact, if you reconnect your store, you will have to link the items again. I have had to forcefully end all my listings to re-list all my items due to this as all of my templates have not worked.

The App generally is very glitchy with syncing. I had an issue of changing my user name and with all of the items not syncing and items not being able to link anymore. The glitches cause a lot of frustration. In principle, there's a lot of good that can be done with the app by using Shopify to manage all of your listings. However, the glitches and inability to sync and also the non-reversibility caused by linking your items will cause you an insurmountable amount of headache and lost sales.

That being said, their customer support is generally responsive. However, their development team is not and is somewhat disappointing that they are not able to address immediate issues which seems to have persisted for some time with the app.

If the app syncs well, it can do wonders.

At the moment, it does not. I caution everyone before using this app and echo the same sentiment as the other 1 star reviews. I give it 2 stars for the support and general idea. However, it has caused me to re-list all of my long standing listings which has caused a great loss in sales.


2 starts at best! It barely integrates, have to force sync most times. ALL new products are NOT automatically loaded it picks and chooses what it loads.

I've only had about 25% of my store loaded. AND don't even try to update or add inventory!

Heaven forbid I want to do that ON eBay! It won't let you!

I've been on support with eBay AND shopify but it seems NEITHER wants to do anything. I keep getting told it's the other persons problem.

More work than help

Dovetails llc

So sad. This used to be great cross-promotional app. Some little bugs, but overall pretty easy. We could list products on Shopify, connect them to eBay, tweak the listing from Fixed Price to “best offer” and it was awesome. Now each listing has to be edited in Shopify and the Best Offer option is not available. We sell estate items and bargaining is part of the fun for many clients. A make-an-offer option is important.

Stylyst Store

its almost perfect , shame that you cannot use an eBay Listing Template , let me know if anyone know a solution please

Josie's Friends, LLC

I have thousands of products in my store but I don't want them all on ebay, so I do like that I can pick and choose which products I actually add to ebay because of the fees associated with using ebay. That said, some of the information doesn't transfer over smoothly so you have to edit each item to make sure it's correctly showing.


This app has alot of glitches. The inventory does not sync correctly

Glass City Pipes

I have issues with some of my items syncing incorrectly and showing inventory on eBay when I am in fact out of stock. This has led to people purchasing things that I don't have, which has created problem.

Another issue is that I can not include variants, so I can not list items that I have in different colors. It creates several synching issues and I have to manually list it.

Was using eBay manually before this app and am considering going back to doing it that way as it wasn't easier, but it was more accurate for inventory purposes. I also never had a sales issue when I did it manually.

Play Dreamer

I have been using this app for months and it doesn't work very well at all. You can expect sync issues, errors, freezes, mysterious bugs, and extremely slow behavior.

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