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I love the ability to add to eBay from Shopify, however, these are the biggest issues I am having:

- Orders don't always sync to Shopify. This is a huge problem.
- Unable to add variations to eBay listings without having to delete the listing from Shopify and eBay and relisting it.
- Pricing won't update to eBay if the price is changed in Shopify.
- Unable to change listings through eBay.

Asia Home Gifts

There are problems. 1. One has to change the Settings each time the shipping address changes... This was not explained in the tutorial and subsequently I have to delete product one at a time and re-list with the correct shipping location/change settings. It has caused many issues for me in having the correct information for customers and eBay... it is still a BIG problem.

Developer reply

September 4, 2019

Sorry to hear you're running into this issue Asia Home Gifts. Please reach out to us at help@connecteBaysupport.com and we'd be happy to review this problem with you. If you're using Shopify's multi-inventory location, there should be no need to end the listings to update location for eBay.

Mercado Express

Too many restrictions on the app. Too slow to process tasks, needs to have more features available to edit listings, bottom line it needs to allow you to have everyone of ebay's features inside of Shopify. You make changes and they do not update on Ebay either, also stuck update so settings can no longer sync

Developer reply

August 14, 2019

Mercado Express are you continuing to experience issues using the eBay channel in Shopify? If so, please reach out to our team at help@connecteBaysupport.com and we'd be happy to review any problems with you and see what we can do to assist :)

Computer Clearance Centre

The user interface and the process of adding items to eBay are a bit clunky and not very intuitive. The biggest issue we're facing at the moment is that it's not possible to bulk edit the item condition; the condition is always "new", but we'd like our default to be "seller refurbished". We list hundreds of items a week, and it's impossible to change each item one-by-one. Hopefully this functionality will be available soon.

Developer reply

August 14, 2019

Thanks for the review & feedback Computer Clearance Centre! We've taken note of your feedback and will forward it to our developers.

ThreeSixty Mercantile

Okay but very glitchy. Sometimes listing photos don't show up, sometimes takes forever to publish.

Developer reply

August 14, 2019

ThreeSixty Mercantile - if you're continuing to experience issues with photos or publishing, please reach out to us at help@connecteBaysupport.com and we'll take a look :)


I'll start with the one bug that is super annoying. Removing a product from the eBay sales channel does nothing to remove it from the app. Not even after manually syncing.

So if one has thousands of products but only want to list a small subset of them, one has to wade through pages of stuff you don't want to list and that should not even be in the channel in order to get there. Thats fun.

Other than that - majorly annoying why did they go to production with a bug like this bug - and a bit of an abhorrent UI, I find the channel works as described and meets my needs.


There's things to love and things that need improving in this app.

Firstly I love that whenever an order happens on eBay, it seamlessly links into Shopify and I can gather the order details (item, shipping, payment, delivery address) all from my Shopify dashboard. It also includes the sales in Shopify reports with the correct items.

However, the plugin is a little slow.
Also, if you add the plugin AFTER you already have an eBay listing and linked it, it always fails when trying to update your eBay item from the plugin - what's even worse is that you can't manually go into eBay and make the changes because the link prevents you from doing so. So you have to revert to cancelling the item and relisting it with the new changes.

There's a few other bugs like that that also need ironing out.
But essentially when it works, it works well. When it doesn't work, it's a real pain.

Industrie Music

This is my second attempt at using this sales channel for my store, its a very simple sales channel to use, My suggestion is to setup all your business policies first. my only criticism is that you cant use a custom listing template

Shrewds Market

This app works, but could do better. There times the number of products I have for ebay aren't synced. So I end up with products that have 0 beside them for amount available.

Gifts By Lulee Llc

My review is on customer service.
My listings on Shopify were active and I could not see them on my ebay list, I send an email to customer service asking for help, they refer me to the help pages, I could not find anything that looked like my problem, after many hours looking (and was not easy to find) I found the "map" section, another word for sync, problem solve, if you are having the same problem to to the ebay tab (shopify) publish, click on publish, you will find the map section, click on it and it will take a long time, but your listings will be on the ebay list now. good luck. would have been so easy and less than a minute for customer service to tell me.

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