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  • Reach more than 171 million active buyers
  • Manage your store’s inventory and sales channels all in one place
  • Expand your brand footprint on eBay’s global marketplace

Selling with Shopify and eBay

When you integrate your Shopify business on eBay, you can effortlessly sync your products, manage your eBay orders, and increase your sales velocity.

It’s simple to merge your Shopify business onto eBay. eBay’s Shopify partnership gives your business instant exposure to the eBay online marketplace and mobile apps. It has never been easier to increase the visibility of your products and become a better seller.

Here’s what you can do when you sell with Shopify and eBay:

  • Consolidate your inventory and order management fluidly between Shopify and eBay

  • Grow your brand footprint on eBay’s global marketplaces

  • Manage your eBay business policies from inside Shopify

  • Communicate with customers using built-in eBay messaging

  • Increase your selling velocity

  • Showcase your products to more than 171 million buyers on the web and mobile

Now’s the perfect time to get selling with eBay and Shopify. Take your business to the next level, and let our eBay app simplify your multi-channel strategy.

** The eBay sales channel is currently available for eBay.com (US only). eBay Motors (Parts & Accessories) and additional geographical markets will be supported in the near future.

eBay reviews

58 reviews
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  5. 1 star (32 reviews)

Good app with constantly improving features, not quite at 100 percent, but the extremely helpful and competent development team are on it. They responded promptly and courteously to my questions and are going above and beyond to work on perfecting this necessary piece of software for shopify users. Its 3rd party and ebay/shopify are making it hard to fix things, but the developer is going full steam on making it perfect.


WARNING: if you are listing items that you are dropshipping to ebay you need to have an established ebay account (greater then 90 days and in good standings) to get funds instantly, ELSE ebay will hold the funds normally until item is delivered to customer. This is a problem that conflicts with anyone who got the free 3 month premium store on ebay offer where you may have to create a new ebay account to claim offer. interrogation between the 2 platforms is still fairly new and will take time to iron out. on a side note for ebay users this is one of the best way to import items to your store!


NIGHTMARE. Doesn't sync all items, doesn't sync newly listed products for availability to publish to Ebay. You have to edit your shopify listings to meet ebay requirements but then the updates don't sync and you still can't publish. If you use an app for customization on screen, none of that goes to Ebay. All of our items were put on Ebay for the wrong price. Tons of manual input needed on Ebay side. I spend the entire weekend working on this and still not working properly. Going to remove the sales channel when I figure out how to remove.


It doesn't pick the right categories. You need to revise all your listings since there is limited things you can do from your shopify store. For almost every listing I had to reupload the pictures. The one thing I don't know if it will be able to sync eBay with Shopify. If it does, all this work I put will worth it since there will be no overselling on eBay. If it doesn't, this will be a worthless app.


I need to add some more to this review. Don't use this app! Not that ıt's useless but after you connect it and fix the problems, the app undoes everything and when I asked I was told to to my revisions on the app but the app doesn't have those options that eBay website has.
Totally waste of time.


I cant even pass the ¨receive pin¨screen. I have the entire day waiting for such pin and nothing, no call neither. What a turn-off!!!


Wow, i see a lot of people posting negative reviews. I posted 4 star because i havent made a sale yet from my products synced, but so far is syncing alright.

One thing to keep in mind if you are creating a brand new paypal account, make sure you go to your email and verify your paypal account. Otherwise even if its connected to ebay, products won't sync which results in frustration.


How do i remove this app? My ebay account is not working right because of it.


We're new to eBay and selling our Shopify products couldn't have been easier. Initial setup only took a few minutes and our products were live on eBay shortly after. Looking forward to our first eBay sales!


This is the app that I have been waiting for for a long time. I am in the process of switching my entire store to shopify and this is 1 of the last things I needed. After months of waiting and constantly looking for updates, they bring this GARBAGE out. It doesn't do 1 thing correctly. All I get is errors!!!

Yes there are other 3rd party apps but they are very limited and extremely expensive. Unfortunately if this does not get fixed shortly I'm going to have to scrap my entire Shopify project.


Update: I have now contacted support 3 times concerning trying to make this work. They are not even able to list 1 item for me, The they send back links to read and tecno talk that means nothing to me.

I have been trying for 3 days. I have failed to list 1 product. At first all I got was error messages, Now it just tells me my Products are ready to publish but I keep publishing them and Nothing. If you have apps in your app store that does this well why doesn't yours work? Wasted a lot of my time which I do not have.


Free to install, fees may apply


Shopify Lite $9/mth Plan or Higher
PayPal account for eBayfree
eBay U.S. accountfree
Sell in USD currency


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