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  • Reach more than 171 million active buyers
  • Manage your store’s inventory and sales channels all in one place
  • Expand your brand footprint on eBay’s global marketplace

Selling with Shopify and eBay

When you integrate your Shopify business on eBay, you can effortlessly sync your products, manage your eBay orders, and increase your sales velocity.

It’s simple to merge your Shopify business onto eBay. eBay’s Shopify partnership gives your business instant exposure to the eBay online marketplace and mobile apps. It has never been easier to increase the visibility of your products and become a better seller.

Here’s what you can do when you sell with Shopify and eBay:

  • Consolidate your inventory and order management fluidly between Shopify and eBay

  • Grow your brand footprint on eBay’s global marketplaces

  • Manage your eBay business policies from inside Shopify

  • Communicate with customers using built-in eBay messaging

  • Increase your selling velocity

  • Showcase your products to more than 171 million buyers on the web and mobile

Now’s the perfect time to get selling with eBay and Shopify. Take your business to the next level, and let our eBay app simplify your multi-channel strategy.

** The eBay sales channel is currently available for eBay.com and eBay.ca (US & Canada only). eBay Motors (Parts & Accessories) and additional geographical markets will be supported in the near future.

eBay reviews

122 reviews
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  5. 1 star (46 reviews)

Had an issue. They responded within 2 hours and resolved within 4 hours. That's about as good as I've ever seen from any app/integration. Overall the solution works as expected. Set up was fairly easy and we expect to continue using the app for the foreseeable future. Nice Job!


This is good for about 5 minutes.
Then it continually makes all my inventory on each item on shopify go to 0. Had to disconnect it to continue to use Shopify.


very good app make life easy i like it very much


I started working with eBay on how to make things better. So far, it seems as if things are starting to work out. I was able to get my account reopened and we are working things out from there. I will update as things progress. WOW!! After this program caused me to cancel 8 orders because items were showing in stock. They closed my account for good!! My feedback is 100%. I had 5 returns because the customer didn't like the way an item fit, color or not something they would wear after all. I always just accepted the crazy returns for good customer service. DO NOT do that because they will use those returns against you. I appealed and they said because there was no way to prove it was the program's error, they denied it. I have been selling for 18 years and they said because of the canceled transactions (that only happened since I had this program) and the few returns, they are staying with their decision. DO NOT USE THIS PROGRAM


I sell high end clothing manufactured by our business (not drop shipping).

I received an email stating that my listings would be terminated if I didn't fix an issue: contact information and offsite links not allowed.

I decided to voluntarily end all listings as my product descriptions in Shopify include a link to the size chart hosted on our site.

We obviously encourage users to verify their size before making an expensive clothing purchase. The link to our size chart in our Shopify product descriptions keeps things decluttered.

When the app syncs, the links in the description are included in the eBay listing. Having to go through every synced product listing on eBay to post the sizing chart would be too time consuming and I'm not willing to embed the chart in our product descriptions in our Shopify store.

That, coupled with the high fees on our products, just isn't profitable.

I believed that this app might add another feasible sales stream, but it's really not worth the frustration or fees involved.


I have received an email in regards to this review. I have never been more impressed with how quickly and professionally a large corporation has responded in order to help solve the issues.

Suffice to say, they went as far as speaking to their developers to automate my link issue in order for me to remain within eBay's terms of having no external links in product descriptions. On top of that, they recommended paid subscriptions which will decrease listings costs and fees. So I've changed my review to reflect this high level of customer service.


Works perfectly for me. I had two questions and support was phenomenal, getting back to me within an hour and fully answering my questions. My products very easily migrated over to eBay, and I was able to change my shipping settings with the template quickly and easily for all products at once. Changing the title and price before publishing to eBay was simple. Published 77 products with variations within a few hours and made 4 sales my first day. Easy to use with excellent support! Definitely recommend!


Don't expect much from it. The product is full of bugs. You might be able to publish a listing on Ebay, but then you will have to open it in Ebay and fix it (at least fix package type, fix upc code and fix sku ). If you don't fix the package type people won't be able to buy it.
If you create listing with variations, be prepare to also fix the pictures.
That's just some of the bugs. There are also documented "limitations". For example, you suppose to edit Ebay policies in Shopify, not in Ebay. But not all the options are present, so if you follow the instructions you will screw the policies which would screw your listings.
The support is kind of sort of there but don't expect much either. It takes a lot of efforts to get the message across. But even they accept the fact that there is bug or two in the product, it could take a long time to get a fix


Super helpful account manager and customer service team at eBay helped us get going quick and we've been able to double our sales by adding eBay as a sales Channel! Excited to see what the next few months bring.


Does everything we wanted. Listed our products to eBay with just a few clicks. Had one simple question and support was very quick to reply. We made a few sales on eBay in the first week.


ORIGINAL: Not to beat a dead horse, but I'd also like to add that this app is garbage. I couldn't even get past the connect to store stage. The info pages to fill out just kept repeating themselves over and over... please fix the app, Ebay! I'd love to link my store up!

UPDATE: Added a star to previous rating. Good news is now the problem with connecting your store to ebay is fixed. I even managed to get some listings reviewed and published. At first. Not sure what changed but now it won't let me save any changes to my listings. Will update when that's fixed.

UPDATE 2: It let me edit my listings for a while, but now whenever I tried to, it says, "There was a problem with your request, please try again.
An error has occurred. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Our staff has been notified.". I waited a week and tried again, hoping they'd sort out whatever problem was going on. But nope, still won't let me revise. Whoever is running this app (if anyone is) should be embarrassed.

UPDATE 3: Giving a star back. The Ebay support team is helpful. If you are having an issue with your listing saving, it might be that your character limit in the title is too long. Can only be 80 characters (though there is no indication of this in the app).


Free to install, fees may apply


Shopify Lite $9/mth Plan or Higher
PayPal account for eBayfree
eBay US or Canada accountfree
Sell in USD or CAD currency

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