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  • Reach more than 171 million active buyers
  • Manage your store’s inventory and sales channels all in one place
  • Expand your brand footprint on eBay’s global marketplace

Selling with Shopify and eBay

When you integrate your Shopify business on eBay, you can effortlessly sync your products, manage your eBay orders, and increase your sales velocity.

It’s simple to merge your Shopify business onto eBay. eBay’s Shopify partnership gives your business instant exposure to the eBay online marketplace and mobile apps. It has never been easier to increase the visibility of your products and become a better seller.

Here’s what you can do when you sell with Shopify and eBay:

  • Consolidate your inventory and order management fluidly between Shopify and eBay

  • Grow your brand footprint on eBay’s global marketplaces

  • Manage your eBay business policies from inside Shopify

  • Communicate with customers using built-in eBay messaging

  • Increase your selling velocity

  • Showcase your products to more than 171 million buyers on the web and mobile

Now’s the perfect time to get selling with eBay and Shopify. Take your business to the next level, and let our eBay app simplify your multi-channel strategy.

** The eBay sales channel is currently available for eBay.com (US only). eBay Motors (Parts & Accessories) and additional geographical markets will be supported in the near future.

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58 reviews
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We've been working with this App for about one month now. We initially added a small number of items to test the product. A few issues came up as we expected with a new app going into production, and the Support Staff worked with us to resolve all issues. Very happy with the immediate responses from Support along with explanations and suggestions. Documentation provided is Very Good and helpful as well. So far, pleased with this integration and looking forward to further improvements and development. Now have approx. 300 items listed on ebay via this App. This Review last updated 12/29/17


Hello World.

I did have some minor issues. Sheryl at eBay support was able to help me. Just send Tech Support an email. They are pretty fast on responding. I would say within 5 minutes they replied to each of my issues.

I also could not sync but they showed me how to refresh all my items. After that, I was able to publish quickly and make the order. Here are some things I have learned so far.

eBay app has a bulk editing interface but I did not see it force the changes over to Shopify when I made changes to my titles. Shopify also has a bulk editing interface. You can also use Shopify CSV to make quick changes to thousands of items in an excel spreadsheet then upload it back up.

I see a lot of reviews but very little talk about contacting tech support. So far tech support has been key to helping me with most of my issues.

eBay app does not yet have this feature among some others. You can update this via the eBay listing. The developers do not recommend updating anything else. If your listing unsyncs you can try Force Sync directly with your product from the eBay app.

I was told that updating an eBay listing from eBay is not recommend or it might unsync with Shopify. That being said some things are necessary such as sales tax. If you get unsynced you can try Force Sync which is located on the eBay app under Listing on the product page. Contact tech support for further help

I tried adding pictures after my product was listed. It didn't show up and if you add pictures from eBay it might remove your other images. Tech support gave me a workaround until they get this fixed. You will need to unpublish and remove your listing from the eBay app. Open publish and Import New. Then publish your product again so all your pictures will show.

Is working! =)

hope this helps.


I like it ideally, however some listing import as not in stock, on ebay end, and Ebay haven't been very helpful, they said the was working on it, over a weeknago, and still importing the same way. Also once an item sells it remains active.


Initially had problems syncing our existing ebay items to Shopify. I reached out to support and they were able to fix the problem within a few days.
Loading items to ebay with this app is a breeze.


This app has worked very well for us. No problems and easy to use. Been using it for a couple months now. I do have a couple suggestions:

1) There should be a way to assign items to your eBay store categories within the app.

2) Custom eBay descriptions should be made to be "Mobile Friendly" automatically.

If these features were available, it would save a couple steps, allowing us to upload items more quickly, in turn, sell more - a win for everyone!

Overall, I would highly recommend it. Thanks!


Good app with constantly improving features, not quite at 100 percent, but the extremely helpful and competent development team are on it. They responded promptly and courteously to my questions and are going above and beyond to work on perfecting this necessary piece of software for shopify users. Its 3rd party and ebay/shopify are making it hard to fix things, but the developer is going full steam on making it perfect.


Wow, i see a lot of people posting negative reviews. I posted 4 star because i havent made a sale yet from my products synced, but so far is syncing alright.

One thing to keep in mind if you are creating a brand new paypal account, make sure you go to your email and verify your paypal account. Otherwise even if its connected to ebay, products won't sync which results in frustration.


Free to install, fees may apply


Shopify Lite $9/mth Plan or Higher
PayPal account for eBayfree
eBay U.S. accountfree
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