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Securely ship a package to multiple locations.


Ship to Multiple Locations

The E.BoxSecure platform will allow your customers to choose where they want their package delivered.

Save on Shipping Costs

Using the E.BoxSecure platform will help you and your customers save on shipping.

Secure Delivery

All packages that are shipped using the E.BoxSecure platform are accepted by a person and ready for pickup by the customer.

有關 E.BoxSecure

Offer your customer a secure way to ship your products and pick them up.

E.BoxSecure is an optional service to have your online purchase(s) delivered to a secure and monitored E.BoxSecure location as opposed to your home or office address.

The E.BoxSecure network of stores has convenient hours with friendly staff that will accept your customer's package and hold it until your customer is ready to pick it up.

No more missing packages, no more wet boxes, and no more missed deliveries due to signature requirements.

The app is free to use on your merchant store.

Merchant Benefits

  • Discounted shipping rates because goods are shipped to business locations.
  • High-value items that require a signature will get delivered on the first try.
  • Higher customer retention because of secure delivery options.
  • Earlier delivery times, customers usually get their products before noon.



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