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22. März 2016

Honestly it's not perfect and is generally laborious and too complicated for non-techy people. The best thing about the program is the support - they'll just fix whatever the issue is. So that's good.

Aries Apparel 2
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Bearbeitet am 17. August 2020

Good integration and easy to use but watch your card payment for excess charges that were not agreed upon. Hard to get ahold of the team to fix this

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9. April 2015

This application is not ready for Shopify POS. It cannot properly report to Quickbooks when an order has been refunded, nor can it handle transactions with split payments. It also cannot use Sales Tax Groups. These issues have created a mess of my Quickbooks file. Their tech support is friendly but can't overcome the weaknesses in the application.

Podium Sports Group
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5. September 2022

Dose not work properly very limited for way to much money! I contacted them many times and still not functioning as advertise.

Regis Galerie
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9. Juli 2014

This application is NOT easy to set up at all on Shopify. While I admit that I am new to the online eCommerce community, I have some understanding about relational databases, referencing fields, and integrating applications. The fact is that the support pages typically reference other online platforms, like Magento, or are simply not detailed enough to explain the intricacies of the configuration. I called the support line three times. Communication and a lack of Quickbooks understanding was a problem each time. Finally, I called Sales and was told, "You can purchase the $300.00 Upgraded Setup." Ohhh, thank you! I can fork over more money to set up your application that I am already paying for and getting nothing out of?" Exactly what someone wants to hear that is setting up a business, spending money, and getting little for in return. On to the hour long webinars, which were very helpful, however on some of the videos, the page kept sticking, so the explanation lacked a visual walk through. I see the light at the end of the tunnel, after weeks of peril, and I hope that the ends justifies the means because this products looks very helpful. BUT, what an unbelievable headache. After reading other blogs, perhaps Softcookies is easier to setup. I am continuing my endless march of madness through this program. Good Luck.

Manly Distribution
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