Ecom Inventory

Ecom Inventory

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Inventory for everyone


Review Products from Suppliers

eCom offers thousands of products in different categories and conditions.

Import them to your Catalog

Take advantage of eCom’s fast system to quickly add products you want to sell with set margins.

Leave Shipping to the Supplier

When you make a sale, eCom supplier will ship the product straight to the customer.

Ecom Inventoryの詳細情報

About eCom – The Inventory Network

Looking for a product to sell? Find thousands with eCom! eCom is an inventory app where you get access to one of the biggest online retailer’s inventory. We offer today’s most popular products in different conditions priced for wholesale! Don’t have a huge warehouse? Don’t have the resources in place to ship hundreds of orders a day? This app is perfect for you. Let the supplier ship your orders while you focus on growing your business and sales.

How We Help You Succeed?

  • View and track all your orders under one view. Tracking for each order is provided the moment the order is shipped.
  • Track your performance and see your accumulated sales under one view.
  • eCom’s friendly customer support will solve any issues you may have.
  • eCom continuously checks for inventory and pricing changes. Updates are automatic when price changes happen and products will be repriced based off of the initial margin set by you.
  • Price products easily with determined margin as you add them to your catalog.
  • Your orders will be imported to supplier’s daily orders to be shipped out same day.
  • You don’t have to do anything for the orders to be imported once they are cleared.

Product information:

Products offered on eCom consist heavily of cell phones, cell phone accessories, brand cases, gaming consoles and various other electronics. Product conditions include brand new, open box, refurbished and used. All products are verified to be authentic, cleaned and repackaged as needed to meet our standards.


  • eCom is only offered to US sellers.
  • Supplier will ship only to US addresses.


  • Back Market,
  • Walmart,
  • Woocommerce,
  • SquareSpace,
  • eBay









You will be billed as you sell for the cost of product and fulfilment.

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