Ecomfit ‑ Better Sales Boost

Ecomfit ‑ Better Sales Boost

von Ecomfit

A New & Better Way To Recover Abandoned Carts & Boost Sales.

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Abandoned Cart Recovery

Send automated push notification campaign for abandoned cart order recovery. Perfect for BFCM (Black Friday Cyber Monday).

Advanced Targeting Power

Tailor each campaign with specific groups of audience based on: customer's value, traffic source ( UTM tags), abandoned cart and more.

Increase Subscriber Rapidly

Optimize opt-in rate by giving discount codes after they agree to get future messages. Or wait until they complete a purchase and more.

Über Ecomfit ‑ Better Sales Boost

We are delighted to inform you that Ecomfit has landed #2 of the Day on ProductHunt and has gathered over 600 upvotes as of now.

Ecomfit offers a full package of tools, which are simple to use but powerful to assist you to have proper actions and boost revenue higher than ever.

Mobile and Web Push Notifications: A simple and effective way to recover abandoned carts and bring back customers to your sites.

  • Recover abandoned carts with auto push notifications: Make money even when you sleep. Ecomfit will be your dedicated store supervisor & automatically send reminders to potential customers who not yet complete their purchase.
  • Interested Product: Send up to 2 push notifications to customers to remind them of the products they are viewed in & bring them back to your site.
  • Take care of existing customers with Customer Loyalty: Send push notification to take care of your customers who have purchased and bring them back to your store
  • A foolproof way to increase subscribers: Optimize opt-in rate by giving discount codes after they agree to get future messages.
  • Advanced targeting power: Tailor each campaign with specific groups of audience based on Customer-generated value, traffic source (social, search engine, UTM tags), abandoned cart (lost revenue, the product left behind) and more.
  • Timely communicate with potential customers: Notify your customers about product back in stock, price drop, cross-sale, up-sale, freeship or any promotion campaign.

Powerful Popup: Increase your revenue by reducing abandoned carts and convert guests to customers with the powerful popup tool.

With our pre-built campaigns, all you need is adding some basic information and launch any campaign within just a few minutes to:

  • Reduce abandoned cart
  • Reduce visitor leaving
  • Collect emails & capture leads
  • Increase social media subscribers
  • Welcome discount
  • Customize your own campaign to meet your specific needs: If you have your own ideal campaign, feel free to tailor the settings with our robust targeting and triggers (similar to Push notifications)
  • Choosing from different templates: With various templates, you can decide whether to use promotion code or just make a simple announcement popup.

Insight Analytics: Making informed decisions based on data and optimize conversion in an easy way.

  • Suggestions & Warnings: No more headaches looking at all the numbers, we help you turn raw data into actionable information.
  • Cart Abandonment: Find out how to stop potential sales from slipping through your fingers.
  • Funnel Visualization: A visual demonstration of your store conversion among each step, giving you a hint on what makes visitors drop out.

Isn't it cool to have all those features in one place? Just one click install and you won't regret.

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  • Up to 1,500 unique visitors
  • All Basic Features
  • Abandoned Cart Automation
  • Basic Customer Targeting
  • No Suggestion & Warning



  • Up to 5,000 unique visitors
  • All Advanced Features
  • Recover Abandoned Cart
  • Reduce Abandoned Cart
  • Full Customer Targeting
  • Suggestion & Warning



  • Up to 15,000 unique visitors
  • All Advanced Features
  • Recover Abandoned Cart
  • Reduce Abandoned Cart
  • Full Customer Targeting
  • Suggestion & Warning

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4.6 von 5 Sternen

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Aroma Mist Shop

Recommend. Intuitive and provides tips while completing actions. Easy to get started. Using free plan for now as this is a new store and just getting started. 4/5 some grammatical errors in the app and limited customizations.

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29. Juli 2020

Thank you for your kind word. It made our day!

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Great app. I used it traffic directing in my website. I also used it for cart abandoned reducing, it is a very good needed app that’s affordable. I will be recommending this app. Enjoyed it.

Antwort des Entwicklers

29. Mai 2020

Your word made our day! Many thanks!

Calitsy - Custom Jewelry

Shopify does not provide add to cart analysis, which I think is a big miss. This app not only does that, it gives you customer retention and recovery. awesome

Antwort des Entwicklers

14. Mai 2020

Thank you for your kind word!