Landing page builder, sales funnels, popups, email marketing

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Page builder

Drag and drop page builder to build custom pages for your store without any code knowledge

Sales Funnels

Create funnels to build your lists with popups, pages, thank you pages, email confirmations and more to build and grow your lists.

Email Marketing

Segment your users into customers, repeat customers, abandoned carts, email optins, and more and send different campaigns automatically.


LeadSlide Marketing Campaigns

The LeadSlide Ecommerce Marketing App helps you boost your conversion rates by offering great looking product landing pages and popups that are fully customizable with our page builder. We have also just launched ecommerce email campaigns and sales funnels without the need for other apps. You don't need to know any coding and you can make beautiful pages and popups to run promotional campaigns in minutes.

The email ecommerce marketing software allows you to automatically import previous customers emails, abandoned cart customers, repeat buyers, and multiple repeat buyers. This allows you to automatically create email campaigns to increase your revenue by creating these lists to be sent out as newsletters and automated email campaigns to be sent out as upsell offers to customers at a set time or automatic abandoned cart emails sent out when you want.

We also allow you to build your following by connecting to other email platforms such as MailChimp so you can re-engage with your customers and offer newsletter signups, discounts, free ebooks, or whatever kind of campaign you want to run. You can also run holiday promotions such as for Christmas, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday.

Create Abandoned Cart Email

Automatically send emails to potential new customers that have left their cart before purchasing.

Upsell Email

Automatically send emails to customers to buy more products. Automatically imports all your previous customers and sends them an email of your choice of promotion or offer. Creates a list of your customers for future email blasts also.

Previous Abandoned Carts

Automatically import and creates a list of all your previous abandoned carts since your store was made. This will include all the people that have ever abandoned their carts since you have opened your store. This is a one time email blast for previous abandoned cart. Works great along with the automatic abandoned cart email listed above.

Repeat Buyers - Loyalty Email

Identifies and creates a list of all your repeat customers. Then you can send your loyal customers a special discount.



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this app won't even connect to my store, trying to cancel the trial subscription before they charge me for nothing.

Banana Bag Oral Solution

We have been waiting a month now for "support" to fix our issues. Landing pages, which were not easy to edit and create at all, look fine in edit mode, but publish as pages with different fonts and parts missing?? Now I'm paying $30/month for landing pages we can't use and support that does not help. We are even using professional web pages builders, and even they are having issues with this app. I'm ready to DELETE and just start all over with a different app.... THIS APP IS BECOMING A TREMENDOUS WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY.

Tiny Paws And Tails

I installed this app to create landing page. Relevant step by step tutorial would be really great.
Impossible to upload own images.
Impossible to edit text fully.
Very unclear to understand how to build and edit something.