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9. august 2023

Overall the app and support team are great. As with any landing page builder there are quirks to using it. There is definitely a learning curve for figuring out where all of the settings are located. But compared to others I have used, it works more reliably overall.

There are still some annoyances, such as it being impossible to select certain elements by clicking inside of them due to their menu overlapping with the menu of other elements instead of displaying the element menu of the one I clicked. The workaround is to use the navigator view to find the element and select it to edit from that view. Not a huge deal and not atypical of drag and drop editors, but annoying nevertheless.

The more frustrating thing I ran into was being told that my landing page exceeded Shopify's built-in template limit AFTER building it and going to publish it, without any indication as to which components were making the landing page too large. I asked support and they suggested removing svgs. I did this and then I was able to publish the landing page. Great that the problem was solved in this case, but it was still quite frustrating having no idea what was making the page too large, and I jumped through many hoops ahead of support's suggestion such as deleting multiple sections and it still wasn't working. And I suspect I will run into this issue again in the future and they need to somehow show you which sections generate the most code to avoid this problem in the first place. Maybe they could show you a running estimate of how large the template file will be as you are building it or something along those lines.

I like the individual control over desktop, tablet, and mobile views, including showing and hiding individual elements or changing the specific padding or margins, animations, etc. for each version of the site.

Support is for the most part pretty responsive and goes out of their way to make the changes requested or show screen recordings describing what I need to do. This level of support is not typical and is much appreciated. However I did run into one issue where they assured me that the theme helper could not have affected the rest of my theme when it provably did. So be careful when you first enable the app and the accompanying theme helper. It broke our product pages on mobile. However, their team was willing to help debug this once I showed them it was in fact an issue. I was able to resolve it before they could though in this case.

All these caveats aside, the templates and elements look and work great, and they load fast. Support is responsive and helpful (Jennie is the best!). And the price is more reasonable than the competitors.

22 dage bruger appen
29. august 2023

I have found this app Very Helpful! I'm using the Dawn Theme and I had to install EComposer because I needed to add sections to customize my store a further. The customer service has been on point and always very helpful. They have answered almost immediately every time.

I came across this app because I needed one app that gave me multiple additional sections.

I am on the $19 plan and they don't offer a free trial to test it out before committing.

I was already fully invested in the Dawn Theme and pretty much already set up but they do have about 13 landing pages you could use in this plan. My products don't really correlate with any of those landing pages. Since I only need it for additional sections.... I would say, that it's just a little pricy. I was looking for a few more features that they don't have and was trying to avoid installing any more apps. Never the less it has been worth it and I have found it very useful for a lot of other added sections I've used.

Tuff Bunk
Cirka en måned bruger appen
6. august 2023

+ The Team of EComposer, especially Olivia, Susan, and Jennie, the girls always provide an exceptional support, prompt and detailed responses to my inquiries, demonstrating their knowledge and professionalism. Their friendly demeanor and patience make interacting with them a pleasure. They could go the extra mile by offering helpful suggestions and solutions. I highly appreciate their dedication to ensuring a positive user experience. They truly exemplify excellent customer service.

+ Cool features without coding that look super professional. I haven't seen so many features in any other Shopify Theme. You can add your custom code, which is also beneficial for developers.

- However, I found it much more time-consuming to create a page in the EComposer app compared to my Shopify Theme. This was mostly due to the manual selection of fonts for each of my text sections and the need for space adjustments. Often, you have to manually select the font for every version to avoid mixing it up. Sometimes, the fonts get mixed up with the Shopify Theme ones, requiring a double-check of every single piece of text and heading for each version. Spacing often does not apply automatically for sections with tabs, resulting in initially different default spacing. Moving objects using the Offset X, Y, Z feature is also challenging; even slight adjustments can cause them to go far away, necessitating going back or guessing the correct values.

All in all, I would definitely recommend it for advanced users or those who have the time and interest to explore app-related things with the highly supportive online team. Alternatively, if you want to create something more or less simple and you are not a perfectionist like me, it is definitely worth exploring.

Nevertheless, the result justifies the investment of time and effort. Engaging with the team is consistently pleasant, and I often reach out to them with the strong sense that we are working together as one team.

The Lovely Whiskers
17 dage bruger appen
20. september 2023

I am very happy with the service I have gotten from the team so far. Jade, Jennie, and Anna have been very responsive to my many, many, many questions.

Of course, I do wish that more of what you need any page builder for was built into Shopify. But since it isn't, having a page builder like this gives you a lot of flexibility. There is certainly a learning curve and some things it can't do (like put metafields into a table). So you have to either use another app or take a little time to code your own.

I also wish there were more tokens/conditionals in the app admin menu to put some logic into your pages, so you don't have to build so many duplicates just to change something like sub collections.

I looked at a few other page builders before deciding on EComposer. This is by far the most robust one I have seen.

Uni-Trend US
6 dage bruger appen
Redigeret 31. december 2022

At first the support was Fantastic, quick and verry competent.
I recommend these guys, but the quality in the support is up and down, make sure you get one of the good ones. The app has a nice price tag.

After a day or two, the support was slower and slower. A few times the support person just stopped communicating with me. They just left.

One time the support helped me with a thing and deleted everything that i had worked on for 4 days!! The comment was something like, "Next time, make sure you save before asking us to help you". This was scary, lucky you can go back in time to reload old versions.

The without a doubt best consultant is Jennie, super competent and friendly.

There wear several things that the app doesn't do, for example, you can't add a top menu. I needed a 3 step function to chose product that they could not get to work.

Make sure you check the mobile version of your page. Mine was really ugly with formats that was really bad. They told me that they need to escalate it to the developers. Strange, since I only use their on built in functions.

Söner by Sweden
11 dage bruger appen
EComposer svarede 28. december 2022

Thank you for your review and on behalf of EComposer, I truly apologize for your experience since it was not smooth as you expected. We tried to cover 24/7 support even on new year's days but the support team will be thinner than on normal days.
I really hope for your understanding!

For the functions you request, our team has noted back and please rest assured that we will take a look on it soon.

Wish you all the best on this new year and we hope to serve you better next time. :)

Maria - EComposer Customer Success Manager

4. maj 2023

There have been a few bumps hit while designing my store, like glitches with the live page view and with font selection. However, EComposer support has been excellent and quickly came to my rescue. Without their support I would still be going around in circles. They were persistent and kept on with me until my issue was resolved. The page builder has some great features and I'm looking forward to having a great website!

Lifestyle Market Shop
Cirka 2 måneder bruger appen
2. maj 2023

We're using this app to better tell our story on the About and FAQ pages. The default Shopify content is very limiting. The EComposer blocks and sections, however, have nice customization options. Coming from a WordPress block editor background, EComposer is easy to use.

There are support articles and videos, but I did need the chat from inside Shopify to reach out about deleting a page, which seems silly. It wasn't a straight forward user experience and no article explained the steps. The online chat representative responded pretty quickly and shared the steps with words and a helpful screenshot.

4 måneder bruger appen
21. juni 2023

E-Composer could be the best page builder for Shopify, because it greatly simplifies page creation and lets you customize the rendering of a store, pages and posts, which is Shopify's big weakness.

Highly inspired by Elementor (Wordpress page builder), it lets you visually adjust a host of global points (colors, fonts, positioning, etc.) and details too. It's much more comfortable than anything else in the same price range, and it's enabled us from WP to get to grips with the look of our Shopify much more quickly than with the basic Shopify version, which is a real headache.

The support team is reactive and finds the solution in 75% of cases. For the remaining 25%, they usually ask you to submit a suggestion to the development team. It would be perfect if the dev team were better staffed, faster or more efficient. Unfortunately, they have to agree to take care of it first, then it takes weeks, and in the end it doesn't work as it should (ie focal point for pictures).

So there are a lot of very positive points, and a few shortcomings that need to be remedied quickly if E-composer is to become simply the best page builder for Shopify.

Shop Vola Guitar
SAR Hongkong
3 måneder bruger appen
30. oktober 2022

Probably the best page building app on Shopify, really easy to use and lots of great features.
Lost one star because it's not mobile optimised. I don't always have time to get my laptop out to change stuff on my store. The Shopify app lets you do almost anything on the app, but this app can only be used on a laptop.

Nantwich Cheese
4 dage bruger appen
EComposer svarede 31. oktober 2022

Thank you for your great words for EComposer. About the mobile use, actually for page builder app like EComposer, it is not recommended to use the app on mobile. Since EComposer helps you build pages using a live drag drop editor, with hundreds elements options, it's easier for you to customize your website on a large screen like laptop.

I hope this make sense and you understand for us.
If you need any further assistance, just reach out support anytime.

Thank you!

22. januar 2023

It's been cool so far. The most helpful tool has been the chat feature with a live rep. Some of the building took extra time to orient myself with the tool. To identify what and where I was making changes. Having a chat made it a quicker process to get questions answered. I didn't have to spend hours YouTubing.

Family Reunion
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