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Fecha de modificación: 8 de julio de 2023

I am working with this app now for 3 months and just changed to the premium plan.
Since I payed the previous plan fully in advance, I still try to get my money back, so don´t pay 12 months in full because they do not refund and and just calculate the new price and send you off to shopify support

Pro: Tons of Options, 20h service

Con: The page was down several times due to internal coding and server issues they had. It hit us right after a brand relaunch, most of the work is lost, they got the page running again but its not like before.

Small changes take hours,. prepare for 3-4 h if you want changes to be made back and forward even with screenshoots.

For us the sad thing is there system broke after our first newsletter got out, clients send mails about half pages they see and broken designs..
And this is not the first time, you constantly have to check if all runs fine and now I have to rebuilt lots of the features.. You need time and effort to keep this running.

Hi Anna,
Thanks for your feedback, half the design of the product pages was not there,
I consider that as a unusable page that is down.

As your team told me today I have to rebuilt all the pages, means over 30 product pages because they where all different optimized in padding for desk, tablet and mobile. The pages are running again but in a rough version, I really hope you can recover the original design and work.

Thank you

I hope you can recover the original pages, thank you

RAE de Hong Kong (China)
5 meses usando la aplicación
EComposer respondió 8 de julio de 2023

Hi Nicole,

This is Anna - Customer Sucess Manager at EComposer.

First of all, I am deeply sorry for your experiences with EComposer currently.

About the refund issue, in case you upgraded to higher plan, you will surely get the refund for unused months of annual plan. Since our policy for processing refund is within 7 business days, you may need to wait a while. But I can put your case as priority, in case you need the amount immediately. That's definitely negotiable.

About the issue of your page being down, I did check your chat with our team and found that the pages were not down but actually, it does not look the same as the last version you saw and expected. We're investigating to see who and when it changed last time. No worries because we logged all the logins history.

Please keep in touch and we will help you sort out everything, as well as make sure it works smoother. Your feedbacks are always our treasure.

Thank you for your trust & hope for your kind understanding of any inconvenience. We're striving every day to make the app better.

Best regards,

1 de diciembre de 2022

In theory it should be a great app, because it lets you customise your store completely and has lots of great templates BUT it is so fiddly and time consuming not to mention the amount of times I have had to completely restart because it started doing its own thing. Also the scroll down bars are tiny and annoying. Yeh not for me if they fixed those things so it was easier then I'd go back to it but for right now it's a no

Broken Dolls Club
Reino Unido
11 días usando la aplicación
EComposer respondió 1 de diciembre de 2022

Hello there,

Thank you so much for taking the time to write a review. We are sorry to hear that our app was not able to meet your expectations. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and we’d like to speak to you more about this issue with you.

1. Because the app is very flexible so it contains a lot of options to be responsive in all circumstances. I would love to hear more about which step you stuck in. Our support agent is available 24/7 for help.

2. Also "the scroll-down bars are tiny and annoying" => I am not sure what device you used while opening the editor but an important note is the editor
works best on laptop/desktop. It's not possible to drag/drop elements using ipad/phone.

I appreciate to hear more feedback from you. From that we will be able to improve our product by quickly and efficiently resolving the issues that you faced.

Again thank you for bringing this to our attention and waiting to hear from you!

Gratefully yours,
ECompser team