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I am updating my rating to 4-star from 2. Here is why:
Previously I was unhappy about the experience I got from this app and made my review 2-star. However I didn't quit using it since its features were quite well. After then the executives and customer support team had contacted with me and supported me to create my own landing pages with ease.

Anytime I face with an issue (and it is couple of times per day) they helped me, solved my issue and showed how to do it later. They were quite positive and helpful. The technical features are already good, but one should know the limitations.  Thus I created couple of pages, tested and published them.

I highly recommend using this app. And now, why it isn't 5-star? Well, I need more time to rate it again. 5-star means perfect, and I really need to know if it is so.

--- my old rating was 2-star --
Quite a challenging experience for me.

1. The templates are impressive.
2. User-friendly interface with full control over details.
3. Caution! The undo feature is disabled once you save, costing me two hours of work.
4. All visuals are copyrighted, which I learned the hard way. Using your own images significantly delays publishing.
5. Some images are labeled "preview only," which actually applies to all images, even background gradients. Essentially, you're working with a blank canvas.
6. The preview looks great, but issues arise only after publishing. Don't trust it.
7. Customer service is hit or miss, and not particularly eager to resolve issues.

I'd honestly rate it a 1, but given that many 5 and 1-star reviews seem fake, I'm giving it a 2 for authenticity.

使用應用程式 22天
EComposer 已回覆 2023年11月1日

Hi there,

This is Rainy, Customer Success Manager at EComposer.
Thank you for your insightful feedback & I am truly sorry for your experience.
I would love to clarify some points as follows:

3. The undo/redo is disabled after you publish your page to optimize the editor efficiency and speed. We design the Revision history function so you can just go there and revert your old version if you want. So it is the alternative for undo/redo.

4 + 5 + 6. All of these issues are related to images in our templates that are not able to be used in your live site. We've updated this, which allows you to use almost images from prebuilt templates except related product images, which you normally need to change to yours.

7. Customer support is delaying a bit at the time you reached out. We're aware of this issue and is putting more people at that shift to make sure users no need to wait.

I am really sorry for your past experience and thank you again for staying with us.
I hope you will have better experience from now.

Best regards,


I am very happy with the service I have gotten from the team so far. Jade, Jennie, and Anna have been very responsive to my many, many, many questions.

Of course, I do wish that more of what you need any page builder for was built into Shopify. But since it isn't, having a page builder like this gives you a lot of flexibility. There is certainly a learning curve and some things it can't do (like put metafields into a table). So you have to either use another app or take a little time to code your own.

I also wish there were more tokens/conditionals in the app admin menu to put some logic into your pages, so you don't have to build so many duplicates just to change something like sub collections.

I looked at a few other page builders before deciding on EComposer. This is by far the most robust one I have seen.

Uni-Trend US
使用應用程式 6天

Many features, code compatibility, very good support team.

The app has a lot of features and a good compatibility with codes, so you can do almost anything with the app.
There's a few minors bugs but they make up for it with an amazing support that is really helpful.

使用應用程式 3個月

I would recommend it to anybody who is looking for a simple and easy tool to build designer websites and landing pages for their e-commerce store. They support is also very nice and helpful I face two problems and both of them were resolved with their help.

Boldnbalance ™-Official Site
使用應用程式 大約1個月

So far so good - Andy was able to help me find some features that will really help me grow my business

My Store
使用應用程式 2個月

+ The Team of EComposer, especially Olivia, Susan, and Jennie, the girls always provide an exceptional support, prompt and detailed responses to my inquiries, demonstrating their knowledge and professionalism. Their friendly demeanor and patience make interacting with them a pleasure. They could go the extra mile by offering helpful suggestions and solutions. I highly appreciate their dedication to ensuring a positive user experience. They truly exemplify excellent customer service.

+ Cool features without coding that look super professional. I haven't seen so many features in any other Shopify Theme. You can add your custom code, which is also beneficial for developers.

- However, I found it much more time-consuming to create a page in the EComposer app compared to my Shopify Theme. This was mostly due to the manual selection of fonts for each of my text sections and the need for space adjustments. Often, you have to manually select the font for every version to avoid mixing it up. Sometimes, the fonts get mixed up with the Shopify Theme ones, requiring a double-check of every single piece of text and heading for each version. Spacing often does not apply automatically for sections with tabs, resulting in initially different default spacing. Moving objects using the Offset X, Y, Z feature is also challenging; even slight adjustments can cause them to go far away, necessitating going back or guessing the correct values.

All in all, I would definitely recommend it for advanced users or those who have the time and interest to explore app-related things with the highly supportive online team. Alternatively, if you want to create something more or less simple and you are not a perfectionist like me, it is definitely worth exploring.

Nevertheless, the result justifies the investment of time and effort. Engaging with the team is consistently pleasant, and I often reach out to them with the strong sense that we are working together as one team.

The Lovely Whiskers
使用應用程式 3個月

Overall the app and support team are great. As with any landing page builder there are quirks to using it. There is definitely a learning curve for figuring out where all of the settings are located. But compared to others I have used, it works more reliably overall.

There are still some annoyances, such as it being impossible to select certain elements by clicking inside of them due to their menu overlapping with the menu of other elements instead of displaying the element menu of the one I clicked. The workaround is to use the navigator view to find the element and select it to edit from that view. Not a huge deal and not atypical of drag and drop editors, but annoying nevertheless.

The more frustrating thing I ran into was being told that my landing page exceeded Shopify's built-in template limit AFTER building it and going to publish it, without any indication as to which components were making the landing page too large. I asked support and they suggested removing svgs. I did this and then I was able to publish the landing page. Great that the problem was solved in this case, but it was still quite frustrating having no idea what was making the page too large, and I jumped through many hoops ahead of support's suggestion such as deleting multiple sections and it still wasn't working. And I suspect I will run into this issue again in the future and they need to somehow show you which sections generate the most code to avoid this problem in the first place. Maybe they could show you a running estimate of how large the template file will be as you are building it or something along those lines.

I like the individual control over desktop, tablet, and mobile views, including showing and hiding individual elements or changing the specific padding or margins, animations, etc. for each version of the site.

Support is for the most part pretty responsive and goes out of their way to make the changes requested or show screen recordings describing what I need to do. This level of support is not typical and is much appreciated. However I did run into one issue where they assured me that the theme helper could not have affected the rest of my theme when it provably did. So be careful when you first enable the app and the accompanying theme helper. It broke our product pages on mobile. However, their team was willing to help debug this once I showed them it was in fact an issue. I was able to resolve it before they could though in this case.

All these caveats aside, the templates and elements look and work great, and they load fast. Support is responsive and helpful (Jennie is the best!). And the price is more reasonable than the competitors.

使用應用程式 22天

Fast and easy to use. if you are new with Shopify it can help you. hope to be like elementor for wordpress.

Store Avec
使用應用程式 30天

I like the way you can create a better website that with the basic shopify tools. you can also receive help from a specialist, I personally reccomend Andy given how well and fast he handled my questions.

使用應用程式 1天

Really great app if you want to create microsites on your shopify website, it can fill in the gaps of Shopify's own page builder, which falls flat to be honest.
A bit limited capabilities, but the incredible support makes up for it, they really are there 24/7 to help.

使用應用程式 17天