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worst app to get

Vigor X
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U can´t install and using the app on your own. You will be redirected to a login page but there is no option to register an account on that page. So u have to search the website on google, than click on "Start trial" but instead of creating an account you have to do a conference appointment. WTF :) Uninstalled, done. Update: The bug ist still not fixed as mentioned. At least with Safari the installation-process still ends up on a login page. But with chrome we did not have any problems. Anyway, getting E-Mails from the developer about deleting this "bad" review because we are not using the app anymore is inappropriate. After a second try with chrome.
The results are inaccurate. It shows not your products, it shows similar products on marketplaces which is nice but not really helpful for setting up a price strategy. And before setting up a strategy u have to do a call with the developer.

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Intelis 已回覆 2022年1月17日

Thanks for the feedback. The issue you mentioned was a bug in our last version, which was already fixed.

Please install our app again. Thanks.