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28 de setembro de 2023

I wonder how a customer can give a positive review to Eco-Returns.

We have bought the license over 9 months ago. And we are still not live.
Not only, took it long time, to get the pricing sorted out (we have 3 websites), but after we did our user testing, we found in 2 days over 10 bugs. And some of them were serious business concerns. Somehow I managed to bypass the system and create a replacement order without paying any extra money.

I have raised for each issue a ticket. I send personal messages to the CEO Punith. Appart that my concerns will be considered and i should have patient, not much happened over one months.

I see many positive reviews from India. I wonder how many of the them are fake reviews.

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5 de junho de 2023

We did a proper RPF process where we benchmarked different return systems. EcoReturn did win the process.

We spent a lot of time to test the system and to my surprise we discovered many bugs we raised to the team. It look quite some time to get it fixed. I was surprised that other customers had not raised these issues previously.

After we paid the suscription, we had some other issues and did not immediately set-up the system. A few weeks later when we wanted to set-up the system, the licence was not active any more. I was even more surprised, that i had to show proof that i paid the license.

Now, it already over one months that Saurav and other team members have not activated the suscription. I send them daily reminders. But nothing is happening.

Also, they promised to integration with ODOO and set up a new logistic partner. I guess these are empty promises.

Baabuk USA
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