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EdgePi Competitor Price & Stock Availability Monitoring

EdgePi Competitor Price & Stock Availability Monitoring

Developed by EdgePi

9 reviews
Price: Free More info
  • Automatically spy on competitors when their pricing and stock status changes
  • When your price is lower display a price check to increase conversion
  • Competitor suggestions from Amazon, Google, Lazada etc...


EdgePi is a tool to keep track of your competitors' pricing
and stock status. Allowing you 100% visibility of competitor pricing, promotional and stock status at all times.

★ Free Version ★

  • Our intelligent scraper will automatically extract the price, promotion and stock status from any e-commerce page and keep it updated.
  • When competitors change price, or a product goes out of stock,
    we will alert you via email.
  • Either enter a competitor URL manually OR we can search for competitors from Google Shopping, Amazon Marketplace, Lazada.
  • Choose from different Amazon countries such as US, UK, DE, FR, IN etc....Google Shopping countries coming soon.
  • Keep track of different seller names on marketplaces as separate competitor stores
  • Assign different currencies to competitors and automatically convert prices to compare against the currency your store is in.
  • Daily/Weekly Email reports on pricing changes in your competitors' pricing.
  • Display on your product pages a Price Check widget, shows the prices of your competitors that are higher, this improves conversion by giving your customers peace of mind that your prices are lower.
  • Configure the size of your widget, how many competitors to display, which competitors to display.
  • The prices you see from your competitors are automatically updated. If your competitor's price changes, the price check widget will display the correct price.
  • If your competitor's price drops below yours, then we give you the option to automatically remove the competitor from the widget
  • If you have no competitors that are higher priced than your price, then the widget will not show at all.
  • ★ Premium Version ★

  • All features of the free version, but unlimited products monitored instead of a limit of 20 products tracked.

  • Free technical support
  • What's New

    11/09/2017 - Reduced time taken to add competitor products by 80%.

    24/08/2017 - Product Search much faster due to allowing user to select which search engines to use during the product search.

    01/08/2017 - In Stock/Out of Stock status available for most competitors.

    12/07/2017 - Export to CSV feature.

    09/07/2017 - Upgraded product syncing for new users, allows adding of competitors while syncing in background.

    24/06/2017 - Major UX change to competitor reports that has all products imported automatically.

    30/05/2017 - Removed the need to login manually in order to access the app, now users can access the app in one click. Currency Conversion support for Email Reports. Changed side nav bar to top nav bar to allocate more space for reports.

    09/05/2017 - Added Google Shopping, Lazada to product suggestion search database

    05/05/2017 - Multi-currency support for comparing against competitors who use a different currency than you.

    18/04/2017 - Product Suggestion box that allows a user to customise the search term to find competitor products. Bug fix that affected users who deleted a product and then added another product with the same shop code.

    04/04/2017 - Competitor suggestion feature that automatically finds competitor products and then add them to be monitored.


    See the price widget in action on our demo store by clicking here.

    We are here to help

    Try our app for free, if you have less than 20 products tracked, then it's free forever. If you need help, please feel free to contact us at help@edgepi.com.

    EdgePi Competitor Price & Stock Availability Monitoring reviews

    9 reviews
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    4. 2 stars (0 reviews)
    5. 1 star (1 review)

    Immediate response to my problem. Fixed very quickly and notified to me immediately.

    Very Impressed with the App and the Support!

    Its Great to see where your prices fit with Competitors.

    Certainly worth more than they charge.


    Great app! If you want to monitor prices this app works well, I am sure there will be future updates that give the app even more function.



    I would recommend anyone to try out this app.


    It's an ok app, but I recently checked my website page speed and found that this app was slowing my site down by over 3.5KiB. Since I find low value in the free version, I am uninstalling.


    No UK price checking, slow very very very slow it also listed products for checking that I had deleted from my store. Instructions are poor very poor nearly nonexistent and too clunky to be of any use. But mainly the speed makes you get frustrated with the software very quickly. Tried it because it was free but removed it for useability reasons.


    For those that are not giving this app a 5 star your not using it right. This is one of the best apps on shopify. Check it out it will blow your mind. Do let your store get chopped this app can help your stay ahead of the competition.


    Added in a competitor and it returned the year, 2017, as their price. Not sure where or how they pull the pricing info but their algorithm is broken. Great idea and would love to see it working.

    Thanks for the quick response from the design crew. The URL is specifically the product you are comparing to. I cannot use the app because the price is buried in the registration process. Great concept.


    I have given this app an average rating, despite experiencing issues with it continuously crashing when adding URLs to track pricing. When logging back into the database after a crash images and product names get replaced with the images and name of one product. Rendering the database useless.
    The search feature is a nice addition, however, it does not present country-specific results. I run a UK based business and all the search results presumed the pricing was in USD not GBP.
    This app does have considerable potential, to be an asset to any Shopify trader. However, in my experience, this app has a long way to go.


    downloaded this in its beta phase
    am using the free plan, which allows for select 20 products to be compared to one competitor
    Seems to be working so far, but we'll have to wait and see if our competitor changes their price!


    All features are available in the FREE version and is forever FREE.

    Paid plans removes the cap on 20 products tracked and allows unlimited products tracked for $9/month.

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