For Merchants: 7 Essential Trading Tools In 1 Online Solution

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When making, buying, selling and consigning goods nationally + internationally by using just ONE system to manage it all!

Save Time

By eliminating the need to re-key the same data between different systems because it’s all in ONE place. Reduce the risk of mistakes too!

Save Money

By only using ONE system to support your making, buying, selling, quoting, invoicing, stock control & shipping needs, and all online.

EdgeCTP 정보

Connects Shopify with 7 Essential Fulfilment Tools

Compliment your Shopify store and online orders by connecting Shopify to EdgeCTP, which will give you order fulfillment and stock management in one online tool. In fact, using EdgeCTP with Shopify makes you more efficient because you get the following integrated 7 tools:

  1. CRM – Contact & Customer Management, shared seamlessly with the orders coming from Shopify
  2. Stock – Inventory Management with Bills-of-Materials, Manufacturing, Batches + Serial Nos.; Expiry items, etc., and a one-button listing to Shopify
  3. Docs + Certs – Quotes, Proformas, Invoices, Packing Lists, Dangerous Goods Notes, Certificates, Customs Declarations, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, etc.… 26 digital/pdf document types
  4. Logistics – Compare shipping carriers; arrange collection; generate labels; track delivery + return goods, which to fulfill the Shopify order – fast
  5. Workflows – Sales and Purchases process management helps keep track of where you are in any sales and purchases cycle, so you better meet the demands of your Shopify orders
  6. Connections – automatic product + customer + order flows between Shopify; accounting packages postings; get duties & taxes for international Shopify orders; screen for restricted parties; get products pre-classified for HS6 + Tariff Codes
  7. Cloud – Get access to your business from any internet device; with nothing to download or install

Get started quickly with our Assisted Onboarding service, where we help you get your Products and Customers setup in EdgeCTP, which means switching from your legacy spreadsheets or CRM or ERP systems is simple and you’re productive from day one.


Q: Can I sync Products, Customers, and Orders between Shopify and EdgeCTP?

A: Yes, EdgeCTP lets you list your product(s) onto your Shopify store. On Shopify customers, who place orders, will be automatically copied into EdgeCTP along with their orders.

Q: Will I be able to retrieve an order from Shopify into EdgeCTP, so I can update my stock quantities and ship out the goods?

A: Yes, orders placed in Shopify will automatically flow into EdgeCTP as Sales Orders, where you can update stock quantities, create supporting docs + perform shipping.

Q: How do I create an invoice in EdgeCTP for a Shopify order?

A: Simple, the Shopify order will automatically arrive in EdgeCTP as a Sales Order, which lets you create an Invoice (Commercial or Standard) + Purchase Orders + Packing Lists, etc., and update your accounting package.

Stop wasting time and money, juggling between different systems and processes when fulfilling your orders from Shopify, get EdgeCTP, and start processing orders more efficiently, saving you time and money!


  • Xero,
  • FreeAgent,
  • QuickBooks,
  • FedEx,
  • UPS,
  • World Tariff

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