Edit Orders ‑ Cart Pencil

Edit Orders ‑ Cart Pencil


No Edit Orders anymore - Edit Variants directly from Cart page

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Reduce Abandoned Cart

You will see a great reduction in Abandoned Carts & cancel order as customers can edit cart variants - edit orders in cart until last page

Change Cart Experience

Customers will see edit cart option on the cart pages improving their Edit Orders experience. Change order at cart reduces Abandoned Carts

Edit Cart Immediately

Customers can edit cart - Edit Orders at Cart page within no time. Edit Variant or Change Variant on Cart Page and minimize Abandoned Carts

Edit Orders ‑ Cart Pencil 정보

Cart Pencil - Edit Cart to Reduce Abandoned Carts

Cart Pencil allows your customers to change product variants directly from their cart page, reducing the cumbersome process of switching to the product page for adding the new variant and thus reducing misplaced orders and abandoned carts. You can ultimately save cancellation of orders with Cart Pencil app by providing your customers to change order variants or edit orders at Cart page itself.

How does Cart Pencil decrease Abandoned Carts and Improve user experience?

There are situations when your users are not satisfied with the selected variant of the product and want to edit orders. In the current system, they will have to remove the already added cart variants, switch back to the product page, select the correct variant and add that variant to the cart. This puts off many customers result in misplaced orders and cart abandonment. They sometimes cancel the order rather than going through this lengthy process. With 'Cart Pencil', you can improve this user experience which will result in the reduction of the abandoned carts and increase sales. Cart Pencil lets your customers' edit variant of a product without letting them abandon cart in just a few clicks. They neither need to remove the product nor switch back to the product page to change the variant which will save cancellation of orders for your store. This is how the Cart Pencil app decreases Abandoned Carts and improve the overall user experience.

No need to Edit Orders if you can Edit Cart

With Cart Pencil on your store, the requests of the customer to edit orders after placing it will reduce drastically as they get the option to edit variant that they have added to their cart until they are browsing the store. Hence, he will never get the feeling of placing an order with the wrong variant first and then requesting a change of the order variants or to cancel order in any way. Thus with Cart Pencil app, your customers will be allowed to Edit orders at the Cart page itself and this will result in less abandoned carts. Cart Pencil app is basically a variants editor at cart page leading to a reduction in abandoned carts.

How exactly does the Cart Pencil works?

Cart Pencil works by placing the "Change" link above the Remove button in the cart page for the products. When the customer wants to change the variant, he/she can simply click on the link and the variants of that product will immediately be displayed via the select box, from which the customer can choose the desired variant. After choosing it, click on "Update" link, the new variant will be updated in the Cart.

What if the customer decides to keep the older variant while to edit cart with Cart Pencil? Simple! Click "Cancel" and his/her cart remains as it was earlier.

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What I love is their support. Wonderful help there. What I love is their support. Wonderful help there. What I love is their support. Wonderful help there. What I love is their support. Wonderful help there. What I love is their support. Wonderful help there. What I love is their support. Wonderful help there.


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